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Ben & Jerry's supports BDS

In response to the antisemitic decision by Ben & Jerry’s to join the BDS movement’s boycott of Jews, the following US stores and chains have announced that effective immediately, they are no longer carrying Ben & Jerry’s products. Please show them your appreciation and support.

    • Glatt Express, Teaneck
    • Aron’s Kissena Farms, NY
    • Cedar Market, NJ
    • Gourmet Glatt, Cedarhurst
    • Seasons, NY
    • Market Maven Baltimore
    • Morton Williams, NY
    • Kosher Kingdom, Melbourne, Australia
    • Grand and Essex, Bergenfield, NJ
    • Everfresh Supermarket, Great Neck, NY
    • Moisha’s Supermarket, NY
    • Grove Kosher Market, Florida
    • Shop Delight, Great Neck, NY
    • Pomegranate, Brooklyn, NY
    • Shalom Kosher, Silver Springs, MD
    • Riverdale Kosher Market, Bronx, NY
  • El Rosado Group, Ecuador


  • The Vaad Harabonim of Queens released a statement encouraging stores to remove Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and for communities to stop buying their products.
  • The Kosher Authority of Australia and New Zealand delisted Ben & Jerry’s from the approved kosher product list.
  • The Town of Hempstead

To have your store or organization included on this list, let us know, and send us the public announcement you made.


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