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Nasrin Yosef speaks at a Knesset conference on women's heroism in the Gaza war, February 13, 2024.

Yoseph Haddad, one of Israel’s most loyal and admired Arab citizens, tweeted last January:

“Meet Nasrin Yosef, another heroine of October 7. Nasrin is a Druze woman who lives with her family in the settlement of Yated in the Gaza envelope. During the terrorist attack, a squad of about 20 terrorists infiltrated the settlement. Two of the terrorists were captured in the yard outside Nasrin’s home by the settlement’s readiness squad.


“While searches were still being carried out for the rest of the terrorists, Nasrin bravely came out of the bomb shelter and approached the terrorists, shouting at them and beating them up. She then interrogated them in Arabic for a long time until finally they spoke and revealed where the rest of the terrorists were hiding, and as a result of her heroism, they were captured as well.

“But the story of her heroism did not end there, because after all the terrorists had been placed under guard at a central location, one of their phones rang and she answered and talked to a terrorist from a different unit that was on its way and she provided important intelligence to the IDF forces at the scene.”

Haddad, who will be honored on Israel’s Day of Independence by lighting one of the torches reserved for Israelis who made an impact during the past year, concluded: “Nasrin saved many from the settlement with her actions! She is a true hero!”

Nasrin, who, before she interrogated Hamas captives also risked her life to bring her neighbors over to her bomb shelter, was also rewarded with the state’s highest prize for its most outstanding citizens, the lighting of an Independence Day torch next week. However, according to reports on Sunday, Nasrin informed ceremony organizers that she would not be able to come.

It turns out that when she was relocated from her Gaza envelope settlement to temporary lodging in Eilat, her story made the rounds on Arab social networks and she endured harassment from hostile Arabs who recognized her on the street, tore her Star of David chain, and threatened to kill her.

Israeli singer Rita Yahan-Farouz lights a torch at the 74th Independence Day ceremony, May 2, 2022. / Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Nasrin told the ceremony organizers that following a long string of personal attacks on her, she “decided with great pain to withdraw from this honorable event, so that her soul not be harmed beyond the harm it had endured by the events of 10/7, and in doing so, also protect her family members from media threats.”

Her announcement added that: “Nasrin and her husband Iyad thank from the bottom of their hearts for the honor of lighting a torch and to stand where heroes and great intellectuals have stood.”

Transport Minister Miri Regev, who is in charge of the events of Israel’s 76th anniversary, said that she was sorry to hear about Nasrin’s decision to withdraw, and issued a statement saying, “Minister Regev salutes Nasrin and Iyad for risking their lives to save their fellow citizens.”

“The minister wishes Nasrin and her family only the best, and has asked the committee to recommend additional candidates who deserve to light the torch.”

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