Photo Credit: Courtesy of Israel Experience
Michael from Sweden baked and tasted his first Matzah, April 14, 2022.

Some 80 Jewish students from around the world who came to Israel to intern as part of a program of the educational tourism services company Israel Experience, on Thursday participated in a matzah baking course that was conducted in collaboration with Chabad at Beit Lenny in Tel Aviv.

Chabad emissaries explained to the excited students about Passover and then the students baked kosher matzah on the spot.


The students have come to Israel for five months from Latin America, the US, South Africa, Belgium, and France, and some of them never celebrated Passover properly. This was their first exposure to the holiday preparations, and on Friday night they will celebrate their first Seder night in keeping with Jewish Halakha.

Michael, a student from Sweden who participates in the Israel Experience program, said: “It was powerful to hear the story of Passover, the plagues, the Exodus. I just tasted matzah for the first time in my life and it was cool.”


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