Photo Credit: courtesy, Ministry of Health
Israeli Ministry of Health Quarantine Map at 10 am Sunday, March 22 2020

The Israeli Ministry of Health published a map on Sunday showing how many people are under quarantine in each city, and which localities have the highest number of those under isolation. Those who are in isolation are being quarantine because they have been exposed to the virus and could then expose others.

At the top of the count per capita: the Judean city of Efrat in Gush Etzion, with 23 (update: 30) people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. Two of the patients are seventh graders who attended a Purim party with their friends. As a result, a school in the locality was entirely insulated. According to the data, 9.5 percent of the residents are in solitary confinement.


In Kiryat Ye’arim (Telz Stone), the number of those diagnosed rose to 25 people (including seven members of one family), after another patient was discovered after the conclusion of the Sabbath.

In Modi’in, students from five schools in one neighborhood have been isolated as well.

Last week the Health Ministry said some of the increase is due to the increase in the number of tests. In general, there is an improvement in the general “intelligence picture” of the virus, due to the increased ability of the ministry to assess where the central clusters of the virus are located.

Following is the list of communities and their quarantine levels, as of 10 am Sunday:

Efrat: 95
Kiryat Ye’arim: 52
Hebron Hills area: 49
Modi’in – Re’ut: 45
Kfar Yona: 38
Kiryat Arba: 27
Kochav Yair: 21
Carmel Beach area: 20
Mizkeret Batia: 19
Lehavim: 19
Sdot Negev district: 19
Gush Etzion district: 19