Around 4:30 PM on Shabbat, a terrorist arrived near the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem and after approaching a Jewish civilian, 20, who passed by him, pulled out a knife and started stabbing him. He then tried to stab a Border Police officer who was at the scene.


The vigilant Border Police officers took aim at the terrorist and shot him several times. The terrorist was eliminated.

The victim, who was stabbed in the neck and upper body, was evacuated in a moderate to serious condition to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. He is conscious and in stable condition. In an interview he described how he was walking back from the Kotel from the Mincha prayers and was attacked, and saved by the Border Policemen.

Large police forces under the command of Jerusalem District Commander Doron Turgeman arrived at the scene.

MKs from the Joint Arab List called the shooting of the terrorist an “execution.” MK Aida Toma Suleiman tweeted that police executed a “kill verification. The execution of a person who no longer poses a threat – is a terrible crime.”

MK Ofer Kasif tweeted that this was “an execution without trial that was captured in the eye of the camera.”

MK Ahmad Tibi declared it another Elor Azaria case.

In other words, the lad deserved a second chance to kill Jews.

On the sane side of the aisle, MK Katie Sheetrit from the Likud tweeted: “I Congratulate and strengthen our forces on the elimination of the heinous terrorist tonight in Jerusalem. Every terrorist should be eliminated.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett praised the officers, releasing the following statement, “The Border Police officers took the quick and determined action expected of Israel Police officers against a terrorist who tried to murder an Israeli civilian. I would like to extend to them full backing. This is how our officers are expected to act and this is how they acted. We cannot allow our capital city to become a focal point of terrorism.”

And as-if in answer the Arab MKs demands, Internal Investigations (Machash) have begun questioning the policemen under warning.

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