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The Gymnasia Ha'Ivrit school in Rehavia, Jerusalem.

Correction: The Ministry of Health clarified that 103 of the 137 coronavirus cases in Israeli schools were in the Gymnasia HaIvrit school in Jerusalem, and not 121 as originally reported.

Following extensive testing, at least 103 students and teachers at Jerusalem’s Gymnasia Rehavia School have been discovered to have been infected with the Coronavirus. The school was closed down last week.


On Tuesday, a 7th grader at the Gymnasia school was discovered to have been infected. That number quickly grew among the teachers and students. Before the Shavuot holiday, the number was up to 18, but by the end of Shabbat, partial testing of the 1100-plus students and teachers discovered that 103 staff and students have been infected with Coronavirus.

In addition, a student at Katzir high school in Holon was tested positive for Coronvirus.

The has learned that there are schools where teachers and students are not properly practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also spoke on Saturday night that citizens have begun to not take the safety restrictions seriously, and that increases the risk that the infections will spread at which point Israel will need to go into lockdown again. He pointed out that the hot weather does not seem to affect the virus. Netanyahu decided to not lock down the school sytem yet.

Education Minister Yoav Galant announced that the schools will remain open, except for certain schools. Certain steps will be introduced and enforced in the schools that have not been sufficiently or previously enforced in the schools.

On Sunday, or Monday, Students will be given a class about proper hygiene and social distancing during Coronavirus, with the hope that this message will also make it back to the parents. The schools will appoint a Coronavirus official from the staff to make sure the rules are enforced and to report any violations or illnesses..


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