Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90
The Pascal sacrifice drill, March 30, 2015, in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Police Spokesperson reported that overnight Tuesday, three minors, ages 14-16 were arrested in the Old City of Jerusalem on suspicion of pasting leaflets in Arabic at the entrance to the Temple Mount regarding the coming Pascal sacrifice. The minors, all girls, were detained for questioning.

The Returning to the Mountain movement has claimed responsibility for the posters posted in Arabic which were posted in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount gates, calling on Muslims to stay away from the Temple Mount compound, in order to allow Jews to carry out the Pascal sacrifice on Friday afternoon, as required by the Torah.


For the fourth consecutive year, Returning to the Mountain activists are expected to arrive at the Temple Mount on Friday, carrying sacrificial lambs, to attempt to carry out the Pascal sacrifice.

Movement activists have told TPS, “We intend to do everything in our power to renew the Pascal sacrifice. We are committed to requesting the Muslims to vacate the mountain peacefully, in order to enable the Jewish people to renew their sacrifice.”

“If the Muslims do not respond to our request, we will arrive at the Temple Mount on Friday anyway, to realize our right and obligation at the holy site,” they told TPS.

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