Photo Credit: NASA
Satellite image showing 3 separate initial focal points for the fires near Beit Meir, near Jerusalem.

A satellite image taken by NASA this past Sunday shows what appears to be three independent fires in the area of Beit Meir, outside of Jerusalem. The photo was taken when the fires had just begun. The distance between the focal points of the three blazes is around 4 kilometers apart, according to an expert who spoke with YNet.

Fire officials in Israel had already suspected the fire was man-made, though it was unclear to them at the time if it was negligence or arson. But three separate blazes at the same time is a good indication the fires were intentionally set. As can be expected, on social media there are those that are questioning the interpretation of the satellite image.


Israel’s progressive environmental minister Tamar Zandberg blamed climate change and wants to declare a climate emergency.

This was the worst fire to hit the Jerusalem area in decades.

The fire near Beit Meir, outside Jerusalem. August 15, 2021. Photo Credit: Shalev Shalom / TPS

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