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Her Highness Sheikha Hend bint Faisal Al Qassemi, UAE, Feb 26, 2019.

Sheikha Hend bint Faisal Al Qasimi, 38, is an Emirati royal who became famous for accusing Hindu Americans of Islamophobic social media posts. Incidentally, the term “Islamophobic” borrows its power from the term “homophobe,” a successful public relations stunt that suggests anyone who is anti-homosexual harbors homosexual tendencies that push his reactions. It’s debatable, but when it comes to Islamophobia, fear of Islam, there’s nothing hidden about it: billions of people on this planet are afraid of Islam and the bloody terror it spreads wherever it reaches.

Back to our royal idiot: a few days ago, she tweeted this masterpiece: “6,636,235 Jews were killed in WW2, killed in Europe. At least 12.5 million Muslims died in wars in past 25 years. You never hear a Muslim writing books, movies, starts a law that if you don’t sympathize with our plight you are less of a human. We forgive & move on (sic).”


You get it? While those crybaby Jews are moaning and screeching about their little holocaust, double the number of their dead perished in wars among the Muslims, but do you see us, stoic Muslims complaining? Make it illegal not to sympathize with our plight? No, we forgive and move on.

It’s as if this woman never read a newspaper, never saw thousands being murdered by her co-religionists – heck, most of those dead 12.5 Muslims were killed by Muslims.

On Sunday she tweeted this image of a dead baby, with the statement: “How many more dead babies does Israel have to kill for the world to say STOP KILLING BABIES!”

The answer is: not a one. The Islamic Jihad seems to be doing a fine job with the baby-killing thing. Do you ever read, dear Muslim princess?

And then she added this ghoulish image, repeating the lie that these children in Gaza were killed by Jews when the entire civilized world has already seen the video of the Islamic Jihad rocket landing on their home: “The face of war that no one cares to show. They were loved and they left their parents heartbroken. Please don’t insult our intelligence by calling them human shields because that is a stupid lie. And please don’t be so sadistic enough to say they were sacrificed for propaganda.”

We don’t know if they were “sacrificed for propaganda,” but there definitely was lots of propaganda and fake news accusations attempting to pin the murderer’s blood harvest to what has been documented to be the most moral army on the planet, including this time around, when the IDF published recordings of Israeli pilots deciding to nix a mission because there were Arab children in the street nearby.

Finally, on Monday morning she let out this vile burst: “Accompanied by occupation forces, groups of Israeli settlers break into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa mosque on holy days of fasting & prayer after killing & injuring 100 Palestinians. This is disgusting. I’m ashamed at how horrible they’re acting. Your actions hurt 2 billion people!”

First, the holy day of fasting and prayer is Jewish, not Arab. Also: fewer than 50 Palestinians were killed this weekend, most of them bloodthirsty terrorists preparing to shoot rockets at innocent civilians, the rest innocent Palestinians who were killed by the failed rockets launched by those bums.

It’s OK, friends, our brave soldiers and pilots do not avoid killing children for fear of bad press. They do so because they are good people. The rest is nasty lies by the likes of this idiot princess.


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