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Policewomen arrest Jewish women who came back to Homesh, March 28 2007.

On May 25, according to a new Peace Now campaign, a mob of peace-loving Israelis are coming to the Homesh outpost, where on December 16, 2021, a 20-year-old yeshiva student was ambushed and shot in the neck by an Arab terrorist. Since that bloody day, the Lapid-Bennett government has been pushing the Jews of Homesh off the land, where the small community centers around the local yeshiva. Thousands have marched in support of the Homesh outpost over the past half-year or so, and security forces, who were not so good at preventing the murder, have proven themselves quite adept at demolishing the Homesh structures and evicting its people, time and again.

Well, like I said, the peace-loving people of Israel, under the leadership of the group with the most impatient name––Peace Now!––have had enough. On Sunday, they tweeted a picture of a bulldozer taking apart something, adorned by the message: “28.5 (that’s May 28 to you and me) – We’re coming to take apart the Homesh outpost!”


And the accompanying text, quite warlike for this peace-seeking group, declares:

And this time with a bulldozer.
The talk is over. Gone are the days when a violent gang of Israel haters tramples on the rule of law and drags Israel into an endless bloody conflict.
We move on to action.
On May 28, at 1:00 PM, we will march together, masses of Israelis, to dismantle the criminals’ hill in Homesh!
Transportation is available from all over the country: (a link provided here).

And, as you can see above, the Peace Now tweet was immediately mimicked by a mirror tweet, except this one was calling––using an almost identical text––for the dismantling of Khan al Ahmar, a Palestinian Authority-constructed illegal Bedouin shantytown whose demolishing the Israeli supreme court has approved back in 2010.

Homesh was an Israeli settlement in northern Samaria, established in 1978 on the land of a pioneer Nahal military outpost. In 2005, the Homesh homes were demolished along with three other settlements in the northern Shomron, as part of Ariel Sharon’s plan of disengagement from Gaza. But unlike the Gush Katif homes in Gaza which were immediately burned down by Arab mobs, the IDF maintained its control over Homesh. Soon enough, Jews started coming back and were promptly removed, in a perpetual game of mice and cats. Currently, Homesh has a yeshiva in a temporary structure where most days everybody leaves to go home in the evening to the nearby Shavey Shomron settlement. That’s, in fact, how Yehudah Dimentman was murdered in an Arab ambush – he was going back to sleep in his Shavey Shomron home.

Peace Now is offering transportation from fifteen locations in Israel – here’s the list of pickups. Their Facebook page says 266 people have responded, which, if you’ve ever run your event via Facebook, does not mean 266 people will show up. Not even close. I would have said that if you were looking for a comfortable ride to Homesh on May 28, with lots of empty seats – you should get on one of the Peace Now buses. Except, naturally, May 28 is also Shabbat, so that complicates things for Jews.

The Honenu group which has been reporting on the situation in Homesh for the past half-year, responded with a clipped statement, saying that at the same time the nation is burying Yamam warrior Noam Raz H’yd, “we won’t respond to the provocations of the delusional left.”

A very deeply-frustrated delusional left at that.


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