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Peter Beinart

Peter Beinart this week rushed to the aid of the second-most anti-Semitic woman in Congress, Rashida Tlaib (I still believe Ilhan Omar is a tiny bit more classic Jew-hater), who tried to erase her retweet of a call to destroy Israel and was exposed and publicly shamed (Rashida Tlaib Deletes Retweeted Call for Israel’s Destruction, But the Internet Remembers Everything). With that, I believe, this pundit and CUNY professor has marked himself finally as an enemy of the Jewish State. He is no longer just disappointed in Israel, and he doesn’t just want it to be replaced by a better and more just one-state. He is part of the terrorist alliance that wants Israel annihilated.

Back in July, Beinart stepped over the boundary line separating the J Street crowd from the Ramallah and Gaza crowd in his infamous op-ed, “I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State.” As is so typical with our leftist brothers and sisters in America, Beinart focused on himself and how whatever Israel is doing which he dislikes reflects badly on him (“…the dream of a two-state solution that would give Palestinians a country of their own let me hope that I could remain a liberal and a supporter of Jewish statehood at the same time. Events have now extinguished that hope.).


Beinart concluded his narcissistic rebuke to the people who rarely, if ever, ponder what he thinks, preaching: “A Jewish state has become the dominant form of Zionism. But it is not the essence of Zionism. The essence of Zionism is a Jewish home in the land of Israel, a thriving Jewish society that can provide refuge and rejuvenation for Jews across the world. That’s what my grandfather and father loved — not a Jewish state but a Jewish society, a Jewish home. Israel-Palestine can be a Jewish home that is also, equally, a Palestinian home. And building that home can bring liberation not just for Palestinians but for us, too.”

For “us?” By definition, there’s no Peter Beinart in the Israeli-Jewish “us.” He jumped the fence, all the way to the side that promotes the annihilation of the Jewish State. He has now become the Palestinian Liberation movement’s Lord Haw-Haw, ever at the ready to explain away atrocities as a panacea.

User Aaron Bandler described the fiasco most successfully, tweeting: “Rashida Tlaib retweeted the infamous ‘from the river to the sea’ call for the destruction of Israel. She may have undone the retweet but the Internet is forever.”

Peter Beinart does not attempt to conceal Tlaib’s initial retweet. He attempts instead to conceal what it was supposed to mean: “Rashida Tlaib supports 1 state where Jews + Palestinians live equally, under the same law. Why is that less moral that the current 1 state: Where millions of Palestinians lack citizenship, due process, free movement + the right to vote for the govt that controls their lives?”

There’s a lot of unpacking to do here: Beinart suggests that eliminating the Jewish State would be morally equal to today’s situation, where there are millions of Arabs, presumably in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, live under the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas governments. He also believes that without a Jewish State, Jews will enjoy equality with their fellow Arab citizens. Seriously.

The only place where Jews and Arabs are equal under the law is the Jewish State. Jews who as much as set foot inside the Palestinian Authority or the Gaza Strip are most likely to be murdered or jailed for just being Jewish. The only place where Arabs get to vote for their government and boast a major, independent Arab party in parliament, is the Jewish State. The last time the PA or the Hamas ran democratic elections for national offices was in 2005.

The only place where Arabs excel and prosper, reaching key positions and professional careers is the Jewish State. In the PA and Gaza, they barely have enough to eat, electricity, sewers, roads. Do you know what’s the fastest way to turn the rest of Israel into the same kind of failed state? Eliminate the Jewish State.

And then, taking his Lord Haw-Haw’s role another step forward, Beinart tweeted: “I get why many Jews find the slogan ‘Palestine from River to Sea’ frightening. Some have used it to disregard Jewish rights (1st Hamas charter, for instance). But Rashida Tlaib has been clear that Jews + Palestinians deserve equality. Suggesting otherwise is a smear.”

I was thinking of a clever quip with which to end this report, but I couldn’t do better than user Yaniv Josef, who replied to both Peter Beinart and Rashida Tlaib, tweeting: “Right. Next, you will claim that Iran’s repeated call to ‘eliminate the Zionist entity’ is nothing more than a political sound bite. And after that, that Hitler was misunderstood. Your Chanukah spin has started early.”

Nuff said.


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