Photo Credit: Yosi I via Wikimedia
Ktzi'ot Prison

Minister of Homeland Security Gilad Erdan on Wednesday told Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef that Haredi prisoners in Israeli jails will be able to pray wearing hats and suits. Earlier this week, Rabbi Yosef asked Erdan to remove a ban to this effect issued by the Israel Prison Service.

Minister Erdan noted that he and the prisons professionals had formulated a solution “balancing the respect for the unique religious needs and the security needs of the facilities of the Israel Prison Service.”


According to the Minister’s personal letter to the Chief Rabbi, in the first phase, prisoners in the Torah observant sections would be able to move about in their suits and hats on Fridays and Shabbat, while during the week those items will be kept in a locker in the prison synagogue, to be issued for the duration of the prayer service.

Eventually, the IPS will purchase and issue suits and hats to prisoners who have received permission to wear them.