Photo Credit: MDA Spokesperson
MDA helicopter

Due to the Corona epidemic, the traditional Lah Ba’Omer Hilulla at Meron in memory of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai will take place this year with only a few dozen participants. Magen David Adom, which secures the Hilulla every year, is preparing ahead of time and will be ready on Monday, may 11 to provide a medical response to every scenario.

Six ambulances, two MICUs, a command vehicle and other designated emergency vehicles will be deployed in the field, with MDA EMTs and paramedics at the highest level of alert to provide a fast and professional response to any call.


MDA Yarden regional manager, Oren Avitan said: “In the wake of the Corona virus, the Hilulla will look completely different and will be much more limited. However, this year, Magen David Adom will also make the necessary preparations, in collaboration with the Israeli police and all the officials, with the teams in the field able to provide the best possible response to any scenario. For any medical need, call the teams on the ground or call MDA’s 101 hotline.”

MDA Director General Eli Bin said: “Every year, the Meron Hilulla is one of the big public events that MDA has to prepare for. This year, due to the spread of the Corona virus in Israel and the need to prevent crowds, the event will take place with only tens of participants, compared to the hundreds or thousands we saw in years past. I urge participants to follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, to keep themselves and those around them, to assist with the national effort to maintain public health.”