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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba

UPDATE: Responding to El Al strong denial of his accusations, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted: “Indeed, the ‘Mir’ payment button remained on the website, but the use of it was blocked. I am grateful to El Al for its important humanitarian operations and convey my apologies.”


Still, would the honorable FM care to elaborate on where he got his colorful image of the Jewish airline rolling in money soaked in Ukrainian blood? See, it’s not enough to admit we didn’t kill a Christian boy and used his blood in baking our matzos, there should also be something about all the bloody pogroms that followed.

We knew that, given enough time, the real ugly Ukraine would raise its ugly head. Not to legitimize the unlawful Russian invasion of a neighboring country, but this tweet from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba took us back a few decades:

“While the world sanctions Russia for its barbaric atrocities in Ukraine, some prefer to make money soaked in Ukrainian blood. Here is @EL_AL_ISRAEL accepting payments in Russian banking system ‘Mir’ designed to evade sanctions. Immoral and a blow to Ukrainian-Israeli relations.”

The minister attached a payment slip of the Israeli airline that includes, among the options of using Visa and Mastercard, the Russian electronic fund transfers company Mir (see the circled MNP in Cyrillic letters).

El Al tweeted back a few hours later on its official Twitter account: “EL AL has blocked the use of the Mir card since February 28. With the closure of Ukrainian airspace, EL AL transported hundreds of tons of humanitarian and medical equipment to Ukraine, and evacuated orphans and refugees to a safe place in Israel.”

Yes, that last part, about the humanitarian aid and the orphans, that must have gone a long way to convince Kuleba the Jews are nice.

Let’s wait for an apology, starting… Now.


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