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Heshy Tischler (c) outside the court house, May 7, 2021.

Harold “Heshy” Tischler, a Brooklyn right-wing radio host who is running for the NY City Council, on Friday pleaded guilty to inciting a mob in Borough Park to attack religious Jewish journalist Jacob Kornbluh last October. The mob punched and kicked Kornbluh while calling him “Nazi” and “Hitler.”

Tischler confessed to the class A misdemeanor charge of inciting a riot at a virtual hearing on Friday. A spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office reported that Tischler was sentenced to 10 days of community service, at a food bank in Brooklyn.


Kornbluh was covering a rally in Borough Park on October 7 in which the protesters burned masks in response to the lockdowns in neighborhoods with high Corona morbidity numbers. Tischler reportedly led the rally and criticized the restrictions. He was reported as crying, “You are my soldiers,” and “We are at war” to the protesters.

According to Kornbluh, Tischler spotted him in the crowd and ordered the protesters to go after him. Kornbluh had reported on Brooklyn Orthodox Jews who were defying the coronavirus restrictions. Now he was surrounded by Tischler’s people who beat him up and called him “mosser” (snitch) and compared him to the Nazis and Hitler. Eventually, he was rescued by police officers. A Chassidic philanthropist named Mordy Getz was also beaten by the same protesters and had to be hospitalized.

Kornbluh tweeted on Friday: “I welcome the fact that Mr. Tischler acknowledged in the court of law that he incited a riot against me and has been held accountable for his actions. I am looking forward to continuing my work in journalism undeterred.”


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