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Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu at the Kotel, July 18, 2016.

Over Shabbat, I’ve been struggling with the notion that the international kangaroo court in the Hague, a.k.a. the International Court of Justice, deliberating insane charges by some of the most bestial antisemites against the most moral army in the world, of the only true democracy in the region, could be a manifestation of the verse in Isaiah (43:9):

“All the nations assemble as one, the peoples gather. Who among them declared this, foretold to us the things that have happened? Let them produce their witnesses and be vindicated, that people, upon hearing them, may say, ‘It is true!’”


And Psalms 2:1-5:

“Why do nations assemble, and peoples plot vain things, kings of the earth take their stand, and regents intrigue together, against God and His anointed? [They say] ‘Let us break the cords of their yoke, shake off their ropes from us!’ He who is enthroned in heaven laughs; God mocks them. Then He will speak to them in anger, terrifying them with His rage.”

The notion of a panel of 17 judges from around the planet sitting in judgment against the Jews has to mean to those of us with open hearts and love of our nation that history has been yanked from its course and our day of redemption is here.

The Peace Palace in The Hague is the home of the International Court of Justice, the highest judicial organ of the United Nations. / R. Boed

But don’t take my word for it, here’s an open letter by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Tsfat and a fearless warrior for the Jewish State, the beginning of our salvation, on Saturday night directed at the ICJ Judges in The Hague (I translated the whole thing so you won’t have to):

To the honorable Judges of the International Court of Justice in The Hague,
One of the great wonders of our generation is the ability to see the fulfillment of dozens of prophecies that God told us through His prophets and all of them are included in the Bible, both prophecies about the whole world and prophecies about the people of Israel.
Anyone who studies history knows that the people of Israel were expelled from their country by Rome, images from the expulsion and the destruction are still seen today on Titus’ Gate in Rome. Anyone who reads the words of the prophets knows that God warned the people of Israel many times that they would be expelled from their country if they spoiled their ways and did not perform the role that God had assigned to them. The people of Israel did not understand that God ran their world, did not heed the warnings, and were finally exiled from the Land of Israel and scattered throughout the world.
Today we can see how the good prophecies, too, are being fulfilled in the world, one of which is the prophecy that God swore to Abraham, and it was told to Moses and almost all the prophets: a promise that in the last days, the people of Israel will return to the Land of Israel from all the corners of the earth, which has been happening before our eyes for more than a hundred years.
There is no equal in the world to such a fulfillment of a prophecy that was spoken some fifty times by different prophets and is being fulfilled with such great precision.
There is no doubt that God rules the world. The promise that God made to Abraham and his other prophets is also being fulfilled in our generation: “Your descendants shall seize the gates of their enemies (Gen.22:17).” This is why Israel miraculously defeats its enemies time after time, from the War of Independence to the present day.
God’s warning to harm all those who try to stop these prophecies is also being fulfilled. “Your God HaShem will inflict all those curses upon the enemies and foes who persecuted you (Deuteronomy 30:7).” All those who tried to stand in God’s way pay very high prices. Suffice it to see the loss of the Arab countries in 1948 to understand that it is impossible to fight God and win. Ten armies of organized countries, equipped with tanks and planes, failed and fled before Jews who had not held a weapon for two thousand years, Jews who came out of the furnaces of Auschwitz and Treblinka, who fought with their bare hands and won. Without God’s intervention, such a thing could not have happened.
God does not stop in the middle of the way, He continues to fulfill His promises. In the Six-Day-War, He gave the people of Israel Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, as he had promised through his servants the prophets. This is why the Land of Israel gives fruit to the people of Israel so generously after being a wasteland for two thousand years, just as He promised through His servants the prophets. This is why the Israeli shekel is considered the strongest currency in the world.
It is impossible to explain this phenomenon unless we understand that God does not leave the management of his world to chance.
All the gifts that God bestowed on the people of Israel He did to bring a blessing to all mankind. This is why God transmitted to the whole world through the people of Israel the belief in one God; the knowledge that man was created in the image of God; the duty to do justice and; the knowledge that the world is one and will be united in the future, “And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not take up sword against nation. They shall never again know war (Isaiah 2:4).”
With the wisdom with which God blessed the people of Israel, the Jewish people were also able to bring enormous blessings to humanity in the field of science and human development. Almost a quarter of the Nobel Prizes were given to the descendants of the Jewish people for their inventions and discoveries in every field of development and creation, all for the sake of humanity in its entirety.
The prophets Ezekiel and Zechariah revealed to us that after we return to the Land of Israel and establish ourselves there, prideful nations would try to defy the word of God and harm the right of the people of Israel to their land.
These prophets said that God did not sit still, just as he struck the Pharaoh who did not heed his warnings, so he will do to all nations that try to interfere with God’s managing his world as he promised and vowed to do.
You have a free choice. You can be like the kings who listened to God’s word and succeeded, or you can be like the Pharaoh who drowned in the Sea of Reeds. You can be like King George V who followed God’s word [with the Balfour declaration] and was successful, or be like the Arab nations who close their eyes and hearts. They don’t want to see God’s work nor heed His word, and they fail time and time again and go from one failure to the next.
The choice is in your hands. You will not defeat God’s word with your judgment, you have no chance. You will only decide your fate and the fate of your countries.
Good luck.

Folks, this is how a Jewish leader speaks to the Gentiles. And this humble reporter is hearing the trumpet of Moshiach, and they drown out the hate and bickering inside our nation.

Happy redemption, people, see y’all in Jerusalem.

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