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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Feb. 18, 2024

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to President Biden’s statements on NBC News’ Late Night with Seth Myers. Biden criticized the elected Israeli government and stated that Israel was going to lose international support if we keep fighting against Hamas, don’t move towards a two-state solution and don’t agree to a ceasefire.

It is unclear why Biden has become obsessed with preventing Israel from achieving victory over Hamas and for creating a “Palestinian” state – and all this before the upcoming US presidential elections. The most common explanation being floated is that Biden and his advisors believe this strong anti-Israel position will help him win over voters.


Netanyahu focused his response on that point, specifically pointing out that four out of five US citizens support Israel and not Hamas.

Of course, if this is just Biden continuing former President Obama’s anti-Israel policies or that of his far-left advisors, Netanyahu’s argument isn’t really going to work.

Netanyahu stated:

“Since the start of the war, I have been leading a diplomatic campaign to block pressure designed to end the war prematurely, and to secure strong support for Israel.

We have had considerable success. Today, a Harvard CAPS -Harris poll was published, which shows that 82% of the American public supports Israel, meaning that four out of five US citizens supports Israel and not Hamas.

This will help us continue the campaign until total victory.”

The poll that Netanyahu quoted also indicated that two-thirds of US voters would only support a ceasefire after Hamas releases all hostages and is removed from power.

Anyone there listening?

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