Photo Credit: Israel Police
A Gazan balloon bomb in the Sha'ar HaNegev area, June 2018

Another Hamas terror balloon attached to an explosive device has landed in a southern Israeli Jewish community, this time on the roof top of a home in the Eshkol Regional Council district near the Gaza border.

Security personnel were summoned and the bomb squad was called immediately. Residents of the home were evacuated, as were neighbors, and a police sapper neutralized the device.


More than 8,000 acres of Israeli agricultural and forest land has been burned to the ground due to incendiary balloons flown across the Gaza border by Hamas terrorists since March 30 – and that doesn’t include the fires started in Judea and Samaria by Palestinian Authority terror balloons.

Thousands of animals have been killed, and millions of shekels’ worth of agricultural equipment and infrastructure has been destroyed, along with an entire year’s worth of food crops.

Hamas and the allied Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization temporarily agreed last Thursday to halt their attacks on Israel over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Gaza border violence, launching of incendiary balloons and attempts to breach the border and infiltrate into Israel were to cease altogether, according to Ynet, although the riots themselves were to continue, albeit some 500 meters back from the security fence.

Egypt is still working with Israel and Hamas to reach a long-term cease fire between the two sides, according to a report last week published by the Hamas-linked Al-Akhbar newspaper in Lebanon. But there’s been no discernible progress made since that report.