Photo Credit: Michael Giladi/Flash90
Soldiers from the IDF's Givati Brigade train near Kibbutz Merom Golan on the northern Golan Heights, Dec. 27, 2022

The Israel Defense Forces late last month arrested two people, including an operative from the “Golan File” unit, who crossed from Syria into Israeli territory, the military cleared for publication on Monday.

The Golan File unit is a branch of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group that operates in southern Syria. Israel has long accused Tehran and its proxies of trying to entrench themselves militarily in the area and launch attacks against the Jewish state.


The arrests were made on the Golan Heights on Jan. 27, after the suspects had crossed the Alpha Line east of the border fence separating Syria from Israel, said the IDF.

The counter-terrorism operation was carried out thanks to substantial intelligence efforts, the military added.

During questioning, it emerged that one of the suspects, Ei’th Abdollah, was involved in gathering information in the border area to be used in future terrorist activities.

Abdollah was under IDF surveillance and has since provided information regarding additional terrorist operatives in the area.

“The IDF will not tolerate any terrorist activity from southern Syria and will maintain the sovereignty of the State of Israel,” said the military.

The IDF in 2019 exposed the head of the Golan File unit, naming him as senior Hezbollah terrorist Ali Mussa Abbas Daqduq.


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