The IDF Northern Command on Saturday spotted another Hezbollah terror tunnel which had been dug from the village of Ramiya and crossed into Israeli territory, the IDF Spokesperson announced Sunday, noting the tunnel would be neutralized in the coming days.

With the uncovering of this terror tunnel, the locating of all the tracks dug by Hezbollah and cross the border into Israel was completed. In light of this, operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize the tunnels that penetrate Israel is coming to an end.


“According to a preliminary analysis of the tunnel, we see it as one of the main tunnels we have exposed,” said IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis. “It is particularly long, and was dug for hundreds of yards in Lebanese territory, and dozens of yards in our territory. “It allows for particularly convenient movement, featuring a height of six feet and a width of several yards, with a depth of 55 yards below ground.”

“This proves the enormous challenge of exposing these tunnels at such subterranean depth,” Manelis pointed out.

The most recently exposed Hezbollah tunnel, which has been built for years, features a unique offensive capability, as part of the attack plan into Israeli territory the terror group prepared and planned to implement in an emergency situation.

The denial of this ability has harmed the terrorist organization’s capacity to implement its underground designs, while improving the security situation in northern Israel and removing a threat to Israeli citizens.

“Unlike the previous tunnels we uncovered, this one contains tracks for the transportation of waste and equipment, electricity and lighting, and steps carved in the rock, which offers comfortable passage to our territory,” Manelis stressed, adding that “the tunnel has not completed its operational purpose even though it was at a very advanced stage.”

The new tunnel, like the rest of the exposed Hezbollah terror tunnels, has been booby-trapped, so that anyone entering from the other side would be risking their lives.

“The IDF is following a number of sites where Hezbollah is digging underground infrastructures which have not yet crossed into Israel,” the spokesperson said. “We will continue to monitor this activity and protect the citizens of Israel with the necessary forces in the north.”

IDF forces and the subterranean detection laboratory will continue to operate regularly along the Lebanese border, Manelis said.

The announcement regarding the exposure of the new tunnel was conveyed to heads of the relevant authorities and to UNIFIL.


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