Photo Credit: IDF

Released for publication: The IDF spokesperson announced on Saturday night that a second Hezbollah terror tunnel was uncovered in northern Israel.


The tunnel is now under Israeli control and no longer presents a threat.

The IDF has booby-trapped the tunnel and anyone entering the tunnel from the Lebanese side is risking their life. The IDF did not identify the location of this particular tunnel, which probably now has Hezbollah worried about entering any of their terror tunnels.

Israel announced that it holds the Lebanese government responsible for the tunnels dug from their side, and they are in violation of UN Resolution 1701 and the sovereignty of Israel.

The IDF is continuing to search and neutralize Hezbollah’s terror tunnel network.

The discovery of the Hezbollah terror tunnel network is a massive blow to the war plans of Hezbollah. The Lebanon terror organization had planned to infiltrate hundred of terrorists into northern Israeli towns and communities, and murder as many civilians as they could at the start of the impending war with Israel.