Photo Credit: David Cohen / Flash 90
View of a house that was hit by a rocket fired from Lebanon in Shtula, near the Israeli border with Lebanon, January 9, 2024.

The Israel Defense Forces launched a series of pre-emptive attacks on Iran’s proxy Hezbollah in southern Lebanon on Saturday, combining air strikes with artillery shelling and heavy-caliber machine gun fire on multiple terrorist targets, while the terrorist organization attacked civilian and military sites in northern Israel alike.

One house sustained a direct hit in an anti-tank missile attack aimed at Moshav Shtula in the western Galilee. There were no physical injuries due to the evacuation of some 80,000 residents of northern Israeli communities at the start of the war that began on October 7, 2023.


Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attacks on Israel, and said in separate statements that it had attacked the al-Assi and Birkat Risha posts with “appropriate weapons.”

“Earlier today, multiple launches were detected originating from Lebanon towards various locations in northern Israel,” the IDF noted in a statement. “The IDF promptly targeted the launch points.”

The Hezbollah-linked Lebanese channel “Al-Manar” reported that Israeli warplanes carried out two airstrikes near the towns of Yaroun and Tayr Harfa in southern Lebanon.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported that Israeli fighter pilots carried out an airstrike on the border town of Meiss al-Jabal and artillery shelling on the outskirts of Aita al-Sha’ab and Rmeish.

According to the Lebanese Naharnet news outlet, Israeli artillery personnel shelled the Hamoul area east of Naqoura, the Tawfa and al-Jidar areas in Meiss al-jabal, as well as the outskirts of Houla and Khiam. Overnight, Israeli artillery shelled the outskirts of Naqoura, Alman al-Sha’ab, Tayr Harfa, al-Dhayra and Aita al-Sha’ab. Al-Dhayra and al-Bustan were hit by Israeli heavy caliber machine gun fire.

Since October 8, 2023, at least 140 Hezbollah fighters have been killed.

“Israeli Air Force fighter jets conducted precision strikes on terror-related sites in Lebanon, specifically targeting Hezbollah’s infrastructure in Meiss El Jabal and Yaroun,” the IDF said. “Throughout the day, IDF forces continued to engage in strategic operations in various Lebanese areas.”

One of the Israeli communities that has suffered multiple strikes from Hezbollah is the city of Kiryat Shmonah, including this week. Mayor Avihai Stern said in a statement Saturday that until the security situation in the north changes and the threat is eliminated, the city’s residents will not return. There have been similar statements from other community leaders in northern Israel as well.

“Hezbollah has chosen to serve as “Hamas’ shield” on behalf of Iran, and increasingly, we are exacting a price from it,” IDF Chief of Staff LTC Herzi Halevi said Saturday in a statement.

“Whoever conditions the end to the friction in the north on an end to the combat in the Gaza Strip will pay increasing prices. This was and will be the case going forward.

“The security reality in the north is already being shaped during these days. We are pushing Radwan (elite Hezbollah commando unit) terrorists away from the border and hitting Hezbollah’s capabilities that it has built up over the years,” Halevi said.

“We are operating freely in Lebanese airspace and strike any threat we identify. The area of southern Lebanon is a combat zone, and it will remain so, as long as Hezbollah operates from it. Hezbollah risks turning the entire state of Lebanon into a combat zone, at a heavy price.

“We are prepared for war, even today, and are constantly improving our capabilities. We are committed to changing the security situation in such a way that will allow the residents to return safely to their homes – in the north and in the south.

“Hezbollah’s persistent terrorist activities and attacks against Israel represent a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. The IDF remains committed to safeguarding its borders against any threats and will continue to take necessary actions in response to hostile actions.”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.