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The IDF decided to reinforce its troops’ presence on a point-by-point basis in the northern region, in response to the tension that followed with the death of a Hezbollah operative in an attack attributed to Israel.

Last Monday, an IAF attack south of Damascus killed at least five Quds Force members of the Revolutionary Guards and the pro-Iranian militias. The Hezbollah man was also killed in the attack, which reportedly target Iranian proxy militias on the outskirts of the capital.


Hezbollah affiliates released a video on behalf of the terror group showing a terrorist cell preparing to fire, with an announcement that the organization had raised the alert.

A diplomat stationed in Beirut told Reshet Bet radio on Thursday that Hezbollah will most certainly retaliate against Israel for to the death of its operative, but expected the response to be limited. With Lebanon on the brink of economic collapse as it is, Hezbollah is not prepared for a widespread confrontation with Israel which could result in the destruction of the country’s infrastructure.

The same diplomat also said he did not believe that Hezbollah would try to use the incident near Damascus and its anticipated retaliation to divert attention from the serious political and economic crisis in the country. According to him, Hezbollah wants the situation in southern Lebanon to remain as it is, and stressed that Lebanese society would not support Hezbollah in a confrontation with Israel at this time.

The Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat on Thursday morning quoted Lebanese officials who said Hezbollah was compelled to respond because of a promise made a year ago by its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, to match any Israeli attack on his agents in Syria with an attack against Israel.

Wednesday afternoon saw the funeral of the dead Hezbollah terrorist, Ali Muhsin, in southern Lebanon. Now we wait.


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