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Joe Biden fist bumps Mohammed bin Salman, July 15, 2022.

The talks about normalization of the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia have become “intensive,” according to a News12 report Tuesday night.

The Saudi demands from the United States include thawing the arms deals that have been frozen by the Biden administration, a defense pact with the US, and a full nuclear program. As to Israel, the Saudis demand reviving the 2-state process with the PA. And the US conditions its support for peace with the Saudis, as well as its support for a future Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, on burying the judicial reform.


The two demands from Netanyahu are dovetailed: whether or not his government starts serious negotiations to give away Judea and Samaria, the Americans want a powerful Supreme Court in place to curtail new settlements in the liberated territories.

Barak Ravid reported on March 29, citing two American sources familiar with the matter, that the morning after Prime Minister Netanyahu had ousted Defense Minister Yoav Galant, President Joe Biden delivered a personal, secret message to Netanyahu demanding he stops the judicial reform. Shortly thereafter, Netanyahu suspended the judicial reform.

On Tuesday, State Dept. spokesperson Miller was asked: “Are you aware of phone conversations between the Israeli prime minister and the Saudi Crown Prince on normalization between the two countries, and did the US play any role in this regard?”

Miller responded: “We are aware of the reports. … I’m not going to speak about any private diplomatic conversations, I will say that as a broader measure, we, of course, fully support Israel’s integration into the Middle East region, including normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia.”

At the Arab League summit last week, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proclaimed: “The Palestinian issue was and still is the central issue for the Arab countries and is at the top of the kingdom’s priorities. We will not delay in providing assistance to the Palestinian people in recovering their lands, restoring their legitimate rights, and establishing an independent state in the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Last week, Maariv revealed that negotiations that began about a year ago regarding direct flights from Israel to the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, have led to a breakthrough, and Riyadh is inclined to approve the move. Only Muslims living in Israel who wish to participate in the pilgrimage to Mecca will be allowed to board the planes.

Needless to say, those will not be El Al planes.

The message here remains what it has always been: every move on the part of the center-left, the left, the extreme-left, the anarchists, the billionaires who fund the anarchists, the Biden administration, and the EU is focused on one target: uprooting the Jewish settlements from Judea and Samaria and establishing a Palestinian state that will rule the entire area.

If you’ve asked yourself, why would the Israeli left, which comprises captains of industry, bankers, hedge fund managers, hi-tech wizards, media barons, and whole swaths of the security apparatus, including the IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad, and the police – this is the answer. The plan has always been to kill the settlements, because if you manage to kill the settlement, you remove the most resilient component of traditional Jewish society in Israel, following which the heirs of secular Zionism would return to power indefinitely.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory? So did the idea that the father of the settlement enterprise, Arik Sharon, would uproot thousands of Jewish settlers. It was inconceivable.


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