Photo Credit: courtesy, The White Helmets / Syrian Civil Defense NGO
White Helmets firefighter teams managed to extinguish fires that broke out on a field in the city of Tafas in the Dara'a countryside, and controlled the situation without casualties.

Despite earlier media reports of “understandings” that Iranian forces would be compelled by Russia to leave the area, or at least distance themselves considerably from the Syrian-Israeli border, the reports may be premature.

Pictures of two Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah fighters killed in Dara’a province published on Sunday indicate that despite earlier reports of Iranian-backed forces beginning to leave the area, no such activity is taking place. Military analyst Qala’at Al Mudiq tweeted this weekend that Hezbollah is embedded with the Syrian Republican Guard and Fourth Division in order to avoid detection.


A separate report by quoted Syrian rebels as saying “many Iranian forces are exchanging their uniforms for those of the Syrian army in order to blend in and thus are continuing “business as usual.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travels to Europe this week to meet with the leaders of Germany, France and Britain to discuss Israel’s absolute refusal to allow Iran to remain in Syria at any price, in addition to his deep concern over the necessity to continue to block Iran from acquiring nuclear weaponry.