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According to SANA, the “Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression on Deir Ezzor City and al-Bukamal” in southeastern Syria at 1:10 AM Wednesday.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Wednesday morning about intense Israeli raids that targeted military sites of the Syrian regime forces and Iranian militias in Deir Ezzor, on the Syrian border with Iraq.


The Center, which is affiliated with the Syrian opposition, claimed that 14 Syrian soldiers and 43 members of pro-Iranian militias were killed and 28 injured in the overnight attack attributed to Israel.

Al-Alam, an Arabic news channel broadcasting from Iran and owned by the state, reported that more than 18 sites had been targeted.

Al Mayadeen, a TV channel broadcasting from Lebanon and affiliated with Hezbollah, reported about repeated explosions heard on the Syrian-Iraqi border, apparently from airstrikes on Syrian territory.

Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned television news channel based in Dubai, reported that the attack was aimed at areas where there is a presence of “Iranian and Iraqi militias” in eastern Syria.

This is the fourth attack that the state media in Syria attributes to Israel in less than three weeks. A week ago, Syrian television reported that the country’s air defense system was activated following an Israeli attack in the south. Explosions were previously reported in southern Damascus, and Syrian television broadcast images of the air defense system activated following the attack. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the focus of that attack was the southern part of Damascus, the al-Kiswa area, Which has been attacked by Israel in the past. A military post in the area of al-Sawida, the Druze mountain, in southern Syria, which contained a radar system, was also attacked.


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