Photo Credit: Marc Israel Sellem/POOL
Yair Netanyahu voting with his parents, January 22, 2013.

Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s son, published his father’s paycheck slip from 2016.

The reveal took place after a confrontation between Netanyahu Jr. and the editor of the News 12 edition. Netanyahu claimed that his father earns NIS 17,000 ($4,960) a month and demanded to know how much News 12 reporters and editors earn.


Yaniv Helgoft, editor of N12’s main edition, demanded to see the prime minister’s paycheck slip, Netanyahu did not hesitate and calculated his father’s coupon from February 2016, which stands at NIS 16,645 ($4,857), and asked Helgoft to reveal his own salary.

Helgoft did not give up and asked to see Bibi’s pay stub from this year, but Netanyahu Jr. refused.

Incidentally, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s salary in February 2016 was NIS 16,645 after taxes, but the gross amount was NIS 48,815 ($14,245).

According to Ynet, PM Netanyahu’s current monthly salary is about NIS 56,000 (roughly $16,000) before taxes.

Netanyahu’s personal fortune is estimated at around NIS 50 million (approximately $14.5 million). In addition to their luxurious villa in Caesarea, the Netanyahus also own a duplex penthouse apartment on Gaza Street in Jerusalem, a stone’s throw away from the PM’s official residence on Balfour Street. In addition, Netanyahu owns half of his parents’ house on Hechalutz Street in Jerusalem. These assets are estimated at roughly $11 million.

Netanyahu bought stocks worth $600,000 in a steel company co-owned by his cousin, Nathan Milikowsky. In 2019, The PM sold his shares for about $4.3 million – more than seven times the purchase price.