Photo Credit: Screenshot of Miko Peled's Tweeter account
Neturei Karta delegation at Rep. Ilhan's door

Rep. Ilah Omar (D-Minn.) on Wednesday declined to meet with a delegation of Neturei Karta that showed up in her office to show their support, NBC News reported.

Omar’s communications director and strategist said Ilhan “did not and has no plans to” meet with her uninvited guests.


Israeli-American activist, author, and karate instructor Miko Peled, disappointing son of IDF Major General Matti Peled, who was member of the General Staff during the 1967 Six-Day War, tweeted a group selfie with the boys from Meah Shearim with an accompanying text dictated to him by Rabbi Weiss, of Neturei Karta and his group, Torah Jews: “By @IlhanMN office now, we are here to thank the congresswoman and wish her the best. We are thrilled to see a Muslim member of Congress.”

Tweeter follower Irina left a philosophical response: “We live in weird times. By the way, afaik Naturei Carta are anti-Israel. They are a bunch of religious nuts, but at least they show that you can be anti-Israel without being anti-Semitic.”

Peled is every bit the religious nut, too, but his religion is dedicated to destroying the Jewish State his father fought for since 1948. A regular contributor to online publications like the Electronic Intifada and the Palestine Chronicle, he preached that “Israel has been on a mission to destroy the Palestinian people for over six decades.”

Speaking at a fringe gathering at the British Labour Party conference in Brighton in September 2017, according to Green Left, Peled compared Zionists to Nazis and to “apartheid South Africa racists.” Deputy Labour chairman Tom Watson said the conference organizing committee would investigate how Peled managed to score a platform at the event which set Labour’s relations with British Jews back to Anthony Eden (who refused to let European Jews into Palestine, only to watch them be exterminated in Nazi concentration camps on Polish soil).

At a meeting at University College London in 2018, Peled complained about the “witch-hunt against anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers” and complemented the “clear leadership” of Jeremy Corbyn, who, according to Peled, had “put away this nonsense about Holocaust denial and this nonsense about anti-Semitism. You focus on what’s important.”

As an aside, a now-since-deleted tweet from yesterday, shows the Neturei Karta boys hanging with Code Pink’s Ariel Gold in Rashida Tlaib’s office. They do get around.


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