Photo Credit: Tnuva

It’s become a tradition by now, and one that’s eagerly awaited by cooks everywhere: Tnuva’s Shavuos Recipe Booklet, with all-new, original recipes by gourmet chefs and featuring Tnuva’s superb dairy products.

The booklet includes original, exciting recipes that are perfectly suited for Yom Tov, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts. In keeping with the move toward a healthier lifestyle, all recipes can be “lightened up” with Tnuva’s array of low-fat cheese options.


The collection includes clear, detailed instructions so that even the beginner cook will experience success, starting with the Farro Salad, continuing with the Lasagna Rosettes and ending with three different sumptuous cheesecakes. All the recipes were created with both taste and visual appeal in mind.

Tnuva USA President and CEO Yoram Behiri is especially proud of this year’s booklet. “As we emerge from a very challenging year, this is the time to give thanks, as we contribute to our customers’ memorable times spent together around the Yom Tov table.”

All the enticing recipes in the booklet were prepared with Tnuva’s high-quality products, under the strictest Kosher supervision.

The Tnuva Shavuos 2021 recipe booklet can also be accessed on the Tnuva USA website together with hundreds of delectable recipes at


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