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Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!

Newsflash for journalists: There's nothing new on the Palestinian street. Threats of violence and walking out of any "peace process" is old, old news. Jerusalem is not on fire. Jerusalem is tense, and has long been so, because the Palestinians have not yet managed to come to terms with Israel's right to exist. That is the real story.

Violence Should Not Determine Policy

Pres. Trump's decision merely restores the balance that was undone by Pres. Obama's decision to engineer a one-sided Security Council Resolution that changed the status quo.

Jerusalem: Stating the Obvious

Is acknowledging a basic fact of history--Jerusalem is the capital of Israel-- suddenly "earth-shattering news"?

President of Turkey: “Israel is a state of occupation”

While Erdogan labels Israel an “occupier” it is Turkey that exceeds most countries in the world in that category, currently occupying half of Cyprus, Northern Kurdistan with its 20 million Kurds, and West Armenia.

The Obvious

The decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital should be perceived as a reaffirmation of the victory of Chanukah, which, after all, celebrated the liberation by Jews from the Hellenists of the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple that radical Arabs and haters of Israel today (including Arafat and his followers, and UNESCO and their fellow travelers) deny ever had any connection to the Jewish people.

Moore Or Less? The Crucial Question For Alabama Voters

I say to Alabamans: vote for Judge Moore. The Lord will not hold you responsible for his possible wrongdoing forty years ago, but will probably look unkindly at your ignoring the liberal, pro-partial birth abortion policies of Doug Jones.

Four Things We Know By Now About Jews And Israel

Jews now live either in our sovereign homeland of Israel or in ethnic communities abroad. Only in our homeland, do we Jews constitute a distinct people with its own land, language, culture, and ethos, with a flourishing national life.

Jealous for Jerusalem: Trump’s Semi-Recognition (Judean Rose)

All the talk of security needs, of finding a suitable physical plant, etc., is nonsense. Moving the embassy technically requires only changing a sign. The American Consulate is already in Jerusalem. Just change the sign from "consulate" to "embassy"

The Hurricane We’re Ignoring: Ukrainian Jews In Crisis

LifeChanger FSU, seeks out Jewish children living in the most economically repressed areas of Ukraine who are grappling with extreme poverty, neglect, abuse, and overlooked physical and emotional disabilities, and works with the leadership in local Jewish communities to provide frameworks for their housing, education, and healthcare.

Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

If there is any change to the status quo, let the blame lie at the hands of President Obama for his cowardly decision to wait until he was a lame-duck president to get even with PM Netanyahu. Pres. Trump deserves praise for restoring balance in negotiations with Israel and the Palestinians.

Yerushalayim- Jerusalem

Quotes from various sources; some Jewish and some Catholic with regard to Yerushalayim.

Jews Shouldn’t Befriend Qatar

Qatar, a government that sponsor murderers of Jews should not be rewarded. Meetings with Jewish officials, visits by Jews to Qatar, articles by Jews claiming that Qatar might be changing – are rewards Qatar does not deserve

President Trump, THANK YOU!

Today all those who care about the state of Israel need to stand up and say “Thank You President Trump.”

Rav Shlomo Aviner’s Response to President Trump’s Speech

America has performed a great act by publicly declaring that Yerushalayim is ours, that she is our capital.

Laws Haven’t Changed, We Have

This change in how we address these issues is refreshing and welcome, but how did it happen? The answer is us. The legal system hasn’t changed. What changed is what we as a society are willing to tolerate, accept, or excuse.

Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The 10 reasons for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital all boil down to one: Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people

Method to Trump’s Madness on Jerusalem May Make Sense

It’s entirely possible that Trump is either being guided to or is stumbling along a path that could be saner than the supposedly safer course steered by his predecessors on Jerusalem.

The Saudis and Israel–Again

Given the growth of anti-Semitism in Europe and globally in recent years, having the Saudis publicly demonstrate respect for Judaism is a helpful and useful step--for Israel and for Jews

The Crime: Walking While Jewish

In the wake of Thursday’s mob attack in Israel against 2 parents and a group of young Jewish children on a hike in the Shomron, it’s time to coin a new term: “WWJ,” walking while Jewish.

Netiv Avot

It is one thing to hear of the uprooting of a Jewish home or building in Israel, it is another to see it up close.

Bangladeshi Home Minister Blames Mossad for Destabilizing his Country

As the humanitarian situation deteriorates in Bangladesh, the ruling Awami League government is increasingly resorting to conspiracy theories. Fingers were pointed blaming Israel

Tensions Between the Israeli Government and Non-Orthodox American Jews Are Exaggerated

The unbreakable connection of non-Orthodox American Jews and the Jewish state continues because minor squabbles over the Western Wall and other domestic Israeli issues will not destroy the connection

Immigration Reform Shouldn’t Mean Scapegoating

To eliminate the diversity immigrant visa program due to the crimes of a few would be a great disservice to the many worthy innocent immigrants who rely on the program for a chance at the American dream

The Surprising Secret To An Enriched Life

In addition to reminding us of our mortality, Sefer Bereishis teaches us another significant lesson: Although we cannot extend our lives beyond our allotted time, the way we conduct ourselves during our lifetime can potentially afford us immortality in this world.

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