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Is There A Pattern of New York Times Bias Against Israel?

The Times may offer "All the news that is fit to print" but its anti-Zionist position has not changed in generations.

UCLA Students File Criminal Complaints Against anti-Israel Disruptors

Students Supporting Israel [SSI] event at UCLA was violently disrupted. Now UCLA students are fling charges against their attackers

Gaza Media Coverage: Snipers and Lies

"Hamas' goal is to have Israel kill as many Gazans as possible so that the headlines always begin, and often end, with the body count. Hamas deliberately sends women and children to the front line, while their own fighters hide behind these human shields." — Alan Dershowitz, Esq.

When Does Pro-Palestinian End … and When Does Anti-Israel Begin?

The examples of Iran and BDS show that when a person or organization claims to be pro-Palestinian, it must be asked if that is really their defining characteristic, or if their professed concern for the Palestinians masks their opposition to Israel.

The UN’s Automatic Majority Against Israel is Fraying

The automatic majority against Israel is indeed fraying at the edges. As U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said, “the common practice of turning a blind eye to the UN’s anti-Israel bias is changing. "

Is Energy Healing A Form Of Avodah Zarah?

If the mysterious energy technique appears to work, then – given the absence of a known explanation – people may erroneously attribute its effectiveness to the avodah zarah/kefirah force associated with it So be caredul who you choose as your energy provider.

Qatar Is Not Our Friend

The Qatari government sponsor the murder of Jews and outrageous propaganda against Israel. It mustn't be rewarded with meetings with Jewish officials, visits by Jews, and articles by Jews claiming that Qatar might be changing.

The Chutzpah Of Reform Leaders

Even Israel's non-religious political leaders recognize the chutzpah of some Reform leaders who demand a voice at the Western Wall while calling that same wall “occupied territory.”

EU and Palestinian Illegal “Facts on the Ground”

The basis of "The Fayyad Plan" (Official title: "Palestine: Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State") was, and remains, the creation of a de facto state -- without the need for negotiation with Israel -- through facts on the ground in areas under full Israeli administrative and security administration.

Tel Aviv U Humanities Facultys Bans Hatikva Anthem from Graduation Ceremony

Wikipedia lists 94 nations that incorporate Christian religion into their national anthems[1]; 35 countries that incorporate Islam into their national anthems[2]; and 6 countries (other than Israel) that incorporate other religions into their national anthems.[3]

The “Trump Doctrine” for the Middle East

Netanyahu rightly said that Palestinian leaders, whoever they may be, do not want peace with Israel, but "peace without Israel". What instead could take place would be peace without the Palestinian leaders. What could also take place would be peace without the Iranian mullahs.

Winning Hasbara Strategies

The deep “psychological asymmetry” employed by Hamas and Fatah as a strategic weapon against Israel is working. How to handle this? Here are five strategies, including this: Don’t be embarrassed by Israel’s strength. Admit to it. Flaunt it. Better shock-and-awe than shrink-and-whimper.

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid

It is not Gaza’s economic malaise that has precipitated Palestinian violence. It is the other way around: the endemic violence has caused the Strip’s humanitarian crisis.

Uses–and Abuses–of Children

Challenged of raising children from the cradle to young adulthood

False Terminology and the Delegitimization of Israel

Terminological warfare. Word choice affects how one views events. When it comes to Israel, the distortion is rampant, a concerted effort to create an anti-Israel bias and resentment.

Jewish Home Demolitions Won’t Bring Peace

The best case scenario is that the demolitions in Netiv Avot will have little to no effect on Israel moving forward. In the worst case scenario, the evacuations will drive peace further away.

Mental Illness PC Excuse for Terrorists’ Behavior

Calling a terrorist crazy is nuts. What's more, calling a terrorist "insane" or "confused" does more than free him of responsibility

The Pyromaniacs of Gaza

Knowing how PLO terror inventions of the past traveled the globe and ended up being used by other Muslim terrorists in both the US and Europe, the arson tactic may yet become a Gaza export.

The Wise Men of Chelm Would Feel at Home with Israel’s Response to Gazan...

Baruch Marzel mocks Israel's responses to Gazan terror, and provides two "complicated" solutions of his own.

The Closing of the Cultural Mind?

There are no guarantees that curiosity, self-doubt and free speech will create a more liberal society. But closed-mindedness and censorship, in the Middle East, Europe or anywhere, are not likely to, either.

Love vs. Hate: Reflections on Israel’s Gay Pride Week and Iran’s Quds Day

A study in contrasts; Al Quds Day and the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv

Marching for Terrorism in London? No Problem

An afternoon of racism is in store for Londoners on Sunday, but as long as the hate is directed against Jews by Muslims, British authorities apparently have no problem with it.

Palestinians: “Burn the Jews!”

There are two important factors that the international community needs to notice regarding the fire kites that the Palestinians are sending to Israel from the Gaza Strip. First: those who are launching the kites are making it clear that their ultimate goal is to kill as many Jews as possible and bring about the obliteration of Israel. Second: the Palestinians see all Jews living in Israel as "settlers.
Rabbi Norman Lamm

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm: A Moral Hawk

Raining on parades of thos who fly the rainbow flag

Hard to Believe BUT Candidate to Replace Ellison May Be Even More Hostile to...

Ellison's tenure has been marked by concerns he is hostile to Israel; Omar would be worse.

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