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How Hamas Brought Israel to the Brink of Election Chaos

Hamas didn’t achieve a military victory. But toppling the defense minister is a kind of victory because it shows that Hamas can shake Jerusalem’s politics at the very top

Will Restraint be Netanyahu’s Downfall?

Netanyahu is an elected official, after all, not a king. The Israeli public is his boss, not the other way around.

Public Charter Schools Tests Benefits of Teaching Hebrew

Now in its ninth year, the Hebrew Public network of 13 charter schools utilizes a blend of startup philanthropic funding and state funds to offer high-quality Hebrew language education to Jewish and non-Jewish students alike.

Intersectionality Leads To Ignoring anti-Semitism

Intersectional theory posits identity groups as the chief factor in determining morality. That sort of thinking has never cut in favor of Jews. And it doesn’t now

Ireland, Colombia and Israel: Not Birds of a Feather

Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller, Daniel Kurtzer, Martin Indyk and David Makovsky were all complete failures at “peace processing,” yet now they have full-time jobs at think tanks and on well-paid speaking tours where they berate Israel for not making enough concessions. In any other field, a track record of decades of failure would disqualify such a person from posing as an expert. But for these gentlemen, haranguing Israel has become a lucrative and never-ending profession.

Your Gaza Conflict Quiz

I dare you to answer these 15 questions about Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza without cracking a bitter smile and heaving a sigh of cynical disbelief.

Distracted Obsessions of Progressive American Jews

Progressive American Jews accuse =Trump of sowing social division, hatred and anti-Semitism. They can’t see that that they are themselves effectively enabling social division, hatred and anti-Semitism by their spurious equivalence, tunnel vision and outright double standards.

Ticking Time Bomb of Islamic Jew-hatred in the USA

When Imams in mosques in North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas and California called for the killing of Jews, American organizations were quiet. No one protested or called on President Trump to confront Muslim supremacy.

NY Times, a False Equivalence Between Hamas and Israeli Rockets

Unlike Israel, Hamas is targeting civilians, its imprecise crosshairs covering entire towns. Israel, in response, has targeted the military and information assets of the terror group. So yes, Gaza’s civilians are “caught up” in the fighting around them. Israeli civilians, though, are targets of that fighting.

The Tragedy That is Gaza

In the 13 years since Israel left, the focus of the Arabs in Gaza has never been about the future or about building a better life. It’s never been about helping their people. It’s been all about destroying Israel.

Is the Situation with Gaza ‘the problem from Hell?’

“There is a fatigue with Gaza; they’ve tried everything,” said Jonathan Schanzer at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, referring to Israel’s government. “Overwhelming force, negotiations, working with Egypt ... none of these things are working.”

Shift or Strategy? US votes ‘NO’ on UN Resolution Censuring Israeli Control over Golan...

The decision by the United States to change its stance on the resolution, after previously voting for years to abstain, may be part of a broader shift in American policy towards the Golan Heights.

Self-Love – Why We Don’t Need More Of It

We feel dissatisfied, depressed, or despondent. We then openly display our frustration and malaise to those near and dear to us despite the great discomfort it causes them. What is regarded as self-loathing is therefore usually nothing but self-love in disguise.

The Bravery of “M” and the Duplicity of Shelly Yachimovich

I ask you to remember that Shelly Yachimovich endangered IDF soldiers, the Jewish State, and Officer “M”’s bereaved family in a horrible tweet filled with outright lies, for the sake of political capital.

The ADL Is Wrong: Solidarity Is Not Bigotry

These ostensible Jewish leaders are inadvertently recycling an anti-Semitic canard and applying it to their Christian neighbors. If Jews want members of other faiths to respect their desire to be separate, they should offer the same courtesy to their neighbors.

The Israeli Security Concept: Wandering Through a Maze

The recent round of fighting between Israel and Hamas was seemingly sparked by the exposure of an Israeli special forces team during a covert operation in Khan Yunis. The Hamas leadership, which apparently is not interested in war, nevertheless chose to respond by escalating to the very brink. Why has the Israeli government refrained (yet again) from instructing the IDF to settle conclusively the Hamas threat?

Failure to Bolster Deterrence Comes at a Cost

Israel has no strategic solution to the Gaza situation, and is busy putting out ‎tactical fires. The desire to avoid another war is ‎legitimate, but it is also dangerous considering the ‎prolonged erosion in Israeli deterrence.

Tsunami of Self-Immolation

The Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements have, in the last 30 years, rapidly devolved away from being rejectionists of traditional Judaism. These movements have now embraced a new religion with gusto. That religion is commonly called liberalism.

A False Olive Branch

Every time the Arabs claim that Jews vandalize or destroy olive trees it always happens every year in late October and early November. Funny, this is the pruning season for olive trees, and the ideal time to do a heavy pruning.

Israel NEEDS a New Policy in Gaza

The escalation in the violence emanating from Gaza, on the very day after Israel permitted the transfer of millions of Qatari-sourced dollars into the coastal enclave, underscored the futility of persisting with conventional wisdom.

Restore Deterrence in Gaza–NOW

The time has come to say to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: “Enough is enough.”

Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds Hamas

Qatar's $15 million cash grant has failed to stop Hamas from launching hundreds of rockets into Israel. On the contrary, the money has only emboldened Hamas and increased its appetite to continue its jihad to eliminate Israel. All the money in the world will not convince Hamas to abandon its ideology or soften its position toward Israel.

Israel’s “Auschwitz Borders”

As long as Ramallah and Gaza prioritize Israel’s destruction over the well being of their populations, the two-state plan will remain an unattainable pipe dream.
The Jewish Gun

God and Guns in the Synagogue

Jews across America choose between self-defense and gun control. But after Pittsburgh, unarmed synagogues increasingly don’t feel safe.


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