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Can A Rabbi Younger Than 40 Issue Halachic Rulings? A Case Study From 16th-Century...

Around 1552, leading rabbis in Egypt issued a cherem against people using rabbinic judges not approved by official channels.

Sefer Bamidbar: How to be Tzanua, Like G-d

Considering tzanua and achieving a balanced version of it in order to walk with G-d

Shabbos Shows Trust

We wash and raise our hands to Hashem, reminding and displaying to ourselves that we have nothing without Hashem Yisbarach.

Helping Our Divorced Brothers And Sisters

When it comes to divorce, the empathy is not quite the same as it is for a widow. There is no funeral or shiva, no shloshim to recall the life of the departed one. Divorcees suffer differently. There is much whispered gossip. People take sides.

The Rubashkin Saga – XIII

The ongoing saga of the incarceration and punitive pursuit of Shalom Rubashkin.

Misplaced Wallets

Hearing the argument, Reb Chaim jumped out of his seat and ran to the front of the bus. He withdrew some cash from his pocket, gave it to the driver on behalf of the anonymous fellow, and then returned to his seat.

Q & A: Was The Torah Ever Forgotten?

Question: The Gemara (Sukkah 20a) states that the Torah was forgotten for a period of time. This seems to be quite difficult to understand. Weren't the people of earlier generations greater than those of later generations? Zvi Simon (Via e-mail)

Contradicted By A Piece Of Paper (Choshen Mishpat 79:6)

There is no defense to a claim based on a properly-drawn up promissory note signed by witnesses who testify that the signatures on the note are theirs or whose signatures have been confirmed by the court comparing them to signatures it has on file.

The Tochacha And The Redemption

Achav challenged Eliyahu saying that if Moshe Rabbenu’s promises did not come true, namely those mentioned in the Tochacha, how can those of his disciple, Yehoshua, possibly come true?


"The Rema writes that if there are two groups, each group is entitled to half, even though one group may have more members than the other," replied Rabbi Dayan.

Finding My Essence

"What's in a name?" Apparently, the essence of relationships...

Lost In Translation

How he finally managed to find his way home, albeit bedraggled and sleep-deprived, on Friday morning, she never did find out definitively.

Finding Inner Peace

A Jew is either rising or falling; he never remains in one place. It all pivots on Torah learning. If he labors in Torah, he rises to the heights. If not, he begins to fall.

Mourning With Terrorist Families—Have We Gone Mad?

Despite the different backgrounds, we are united in our suffering and our mourning with the families of our people who defended our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice, or who were killed by Arab terrorists.

To Have or to Be…that is the Question: Parshat Bechukotai

To learn the secret to a happy life, please read Rabbi Cardozo on parshat Bechukotai.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Bechukotai: What is Your Net Worth?

Hoe the Torah establishes the value of the individual--and how that ensures humility.

We Are What We Do Not Own

Parshat Behar deals with a problem that is as acute today as it was 33 centuries ago: The inevitable inequalities that arise in every free market economy teaching us to ask not, “what can I gain?” but “what can I give?”

Sefirat HaOmer: The Secret to Human and Rabbinical Autonomy

Nothing is more dangerous for a person than to remain spiritually stale, and for this reason we are required to count the 49 days of the Omer. To prepare ourselves for the upcoming celebration of Shavuot and the giving of the Torah, we are asked to climb a ladder of 49 spiritual steps, each day adding another dimension to our souls.

Tefillah: A Meeting With Hashem – Hashem Is Good!

We speak to Hashem but Hashem does not talk back to us. Wouldn’t it be better if He also spoke to us?

Compass For Life

If one's fear of sin exceeds wisdom, his wisdom will endure.

Be A Blessing

The legacy of Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h is the wisdom and love she recorded for us. Please enjoy this inspiring gift on being a blessing.

Q & A: Why No Shehecheyanu Before Counting The Omer? (Part II)

Question: I have long wondered why we don’t say Shehecheyanu when we start counting the Omer. Can you explain the reasoning behind this practice? M. Schwartz

Daf Yomi

An Aging Problem? ‘I Have Chosen Him To Stand, But Not To Sit’ (Zevachim 23b)

Why Do We Make Kiddush Over A Goblet of Wine?

At all our significant life events we remind ourselves to continue working with the raw materials Hashem gave us, and to make something out of them.

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