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From Spiritual To Mundane And Back

In this week’s parshah, as Bnei Yisrael are about to enter Eretz Yisrael, the Torah commands us in the mitzvah of shechitah. The pasuk says,...

Why Is There So Much Chutzpah Nowadays?

Chazal tell us that brazenness will increase during the pre-Messianic period. And yet, a pillar of Torah life is deference to the previous generation. So how do we reconcile the two points and explain the level of chutzpah among us?

A Sense Of Place

This week's portion, Re'ei, speaks of our need for a sense of place, how difficult it often is to find, and how we must protect others' sense of place. It also guides us in how to manage the experience of no place

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Re’eh: Spilling Blood and Spilling Water

In view of the seeming sanctity that the Torah imparts to blood, why would it tell us to spill animal blood indiscriminately?

Tefillah: A Meeting With Hashem – Bow Down

Really, we should be saying thank you non-stop, but obviously that would make it difficult to live a normal life.

Hearing to See

I wish all of us, parents and teachers, would listen to everything our children ask and say. I dream of our hearing them so well that we can begin to visualize and relate to them as who they can be when they fulfill all their potential.

Ice Cream Partners

If a time was set for the partnership – for example, until the end of August – you must stay until that time and then you may dissolve the partnership.

Q & A: The Hereafter – Olam Haba (Part XII)

Question: How do we know that there is an olam haba – a world to come? L. Papirmeister

Daf Yomi

A Light Unto The Nations ‘The Sound Thereof Traveled From One End…To The Other” (Zevachim 116a)

Ultimate Experience

Finding appropriate company for Shabbos was a challenge of its own. No longer a youngster, my mother did not enjoy coming to our homes and she did not appreciate large families with many children coming to hers.

The Message of the Poles

Our connection to the Torah is the only way we have survived this long and bitter galus.

Image Worship

The myth of Narcissus is not a myth at all-127 people have died worshiping their own image.

Five Weeks For A Shidduch Suggestion

The mitzvos teach a Jew restraint and free him from the servitude of things having to materialize instantaneously. Jewish family life presents the apogee of constraint. The message presents itself over and over again and is so clear.

Greatness And Humility

Greatness is humility. This idea – counter-intuitive, unexpected, life-changing – is one of the great contributions of the Torah to Western civilization and found in the words of Moses in this week's sedra

Rain is Better Than River Water

The Nile misleads Egyptians into forgetting they are just as dependent on Hashem as we are, water issues or noIsrael’s “poverty,” its less consistent water, helps its inhabitants remember Hashem.

TORAH SHORTS: Three Powers of Prayer: Parshat Ekev

Rabbeinu Bechaye (on Deuteronomy 11:13 Ekev) explains that to serve God with all of our heart is nothing other than prayer, elaborating that there are 3 particular powers to prayer: the power to change nature. the power to save one from danger, the power to annul negative divine decrees

Parshat V’etchanan

When Mashiach comes we will have a nechama, not just a consolation, but a brand-new vision of history.

The Journey From The Refuge

" Nachamu, Nachamu, is not a repetition, but a Song of Act Two--uf new beginnings and of hope.

Q & A: The Hereafter – Olam Haba (Part XI)

Question: How do we know that there is an olam haba – a world to come? L. Papirmeister

Collecting For One Cause, Using The Money For Another

"What's the difference?" said the treasurer. "Let each person think he is a sponsor. No one knows who donated first!"

Daf Yomi

To Him Shall You Hearken 'One Who Offers Nowadays…' (Zevachim 107b)

Ignorance as Bliss: He Thought The Temple Still Stood

Though I have heard many explanations about the meaning of this day ( Tisha B'Av)– senseless hatred and violence, ignorance and alienation – I had never heard anything like the explanation I received this week:}

Long-Awaited Shidduchim

As the news spread, more and more people joined the family in fervent prayer. The gates of heaven received all of the prayers for David, and he eventually came out of the coma.

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