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Speaking To Non-Jews About God

Judaism was and remains unique in its combination of universalism and particularism. We believe that God is the God of all humanity. He created all. He is accessible to all. He cares for all. He has made a covenant with all. Yet there is also a relationship with God that is unique to the Jewish people. It alone has placed its national life under His direct sovereignty

Is It Proper…?

Is it appropriate to eat kosher imitation bacon, crab, or any other such food?

Bring the Future or Wait for It? Yosef and Chanukkah

Neither Yosef nor the Chashmonaim had reasonable chances of success, nor did the founders of the State of Israel, who declared the State in spite of warnings of certain doom. They and others in our history have identified moments when seemingly futile course of action was the start of historic success.

Hannukah Starts Tonight So Here’s 18 Differences Between Chanukah & Christmas

Put on your yarmulke, Here comes Chanukah; So much funukah, To celebrate Chanukah; Chanukah is the festival of lights: Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights


Daughters and sons were washed away: many drifted, some drowned. Each child that left the woman dealt her a fresh salvo of pain.

Baked Falafel Latkes With Tahini

Because it is a tried and true favorite, I decided to shake up the recipe a bit to create a healthier and more festive Chanukah feel.

The Fight Of Our Lives

The routing of Antiochus’ mighty army was accomplished by strong, brave Jewish fighters possessing minimal munitions but one most powerful weapon: Heavenly assistance.

More Than Just Candles: Chanukah in Kenya and Beit Shemesh

My quest for knowledge became life-changing. Like a bat (I didn’t mind the negativity associated with the flying mammals – I’m short-sighted anyway so there was a ring of truth to the simile), I honed in on the answers I’d been searching for.

Why Do We Light With Olive Oil?

For the Greeks, everything that was externally beautiful was good; to the Jew, everything that is inwardly good is beautiful.

8 Short Thoughts For 8 Chanukah Nights

So as we celebrate Chanukah, spare a thought for the real victory, which was not military but spiritual. Jews were the people who valued marriage, the home, and peace between husband and wife, above the highest glory on the battlefield. In Judaism, the light of peace takes precedence over the light of war

When Bubbles Burst

The universal lesson of Chanukah through the prism of fluted glass

When Chanukah Gets Personal

I knew very little about Chanukah as a child and much of what I knew centered around the traditional eight nights of presents.

Daf Yomi

A 'Heated' Discussion 'The Place of Shechita Is Hot' (Chulin 8b)

Parshat Vayeshev

Each Jew is on a journey and we each have our own rav, yeshiva, and mesorah showing us the way.

Parshat Vayeishev

A commander, he told me, must view every soldier as a parent views a child.

Want To Be Heard? Speak Quietly (Part II)

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am a firm believer in the “perfect marriage." It exists. As a matter of fact, every two people who walk down the aisle have an opportunity to create it.

Aphorisms To Live By

Tuesday was the 23rd yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriah, founder of the Bnei Akiva yeshivot, educator, revolutionary, author, Rabbi Kook's disciple, and Israel Prize laureate. Here are just a few phrases from the great legacy that he left:

Chanukah In Bergen-Belsen

The Holocaust was a dark period in our history, yet there were instances where Hashem let a bit of light shine through the darkness.

Kiddush And Havdalah: Should One Sit Or Stand?

Customs regarding sitting or standing for Kiddush and Havdalah have clearly been very much in flux for the last several centuries.

Q & A: Is An Electric Menorah Good Enough? (Part I)

Question: Does one fulfill the mitzvah of lighting Chanukah candles with an electric menorah? Can one recite the blessings before lighting it? A. Gordon

Spiritually In Tune

Eli believes in reincarnation and rectifying the soul and he believes with a hundred percent certainty that this whole episode was part of his tikkun.

Refusing Comfort, Keeping Hope

Jewish history may seem to signify irretrievable loss, a fate that must be accepted. Jews never believed the evidence because they had something else to set against it – a faith, a trust, an unbreakable hope that proved stronger than historical inevitability

Without Intimidation

On Parshat Vayeishev with a nod to Chanukah.


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