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The Prince’s Visit

The highlight of Prince William's visit to Israel is he merited to be the first British royal to make an official visit to Israel.

A Harrowing Ride To The Country

Along the way I started to feel literally drugged. It was different than feeling tired because my thinking process felt different. I wasn’t aware of this at first.

Q & A: The Hereafter – Olam Haba (Part VII)

Question: How do we know that there is an olam haba – a world to come? L. Papirmeister

When The Videographer Is Two Hours Late

"The videographer called and said he was in an accident," replied the Mr. Schott. "Thank G‑d nothing serious, but it delayed him two hours. He'll be here in 10 minutes."

Two Bites At The Apple (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat 79:10)

A litigant is allowed to explain what he said in court provided his explanation clarifies his initial statement rather than contradict it.

Daf Yomi

A Matter Of Doubt ‘When You Make [Four] Applications…’ (Zevachim 80a)

Losing All Sense Of Decency

What has changed? The simple reality is that women in those days dressed modestly because there was a prevailing sense of propriety and self-respect.

Appropriate Zealousness

What about other cases? What about other scenarios that offend and disgrace the honor of Hashem? How do we know when to act and how to act?

Parshat Balak: A People That Dwells Alone

God commanded our ancestors to be different, not because they were better than others For this reason, assimilation is the opposite of the answer.

Building The Stage

Balak was furious. Balaam was defeated in his mind by a greater prophet, Moses, who would record Balaam's words and shame for eternity, despite not being present at the performances. Rather than perform his blessings or curses, Balaam projected a picture of the future with his ideas in it; he offers his vision of the End of Days (14) with all his hints to Israel's future failings hidden within his words of praise.

Shall We Continue To Weep And Fast? Or Shall We Fight the Times?

‘What can a person do against the trend of the times!’” A question in every generation. Compromise at home is good; compromise in Torah is not. Knowing the difference will bring the final ge’ulah.

Scandalous Halachic Decisions: Ethiopians and Wine

Despite a clear ruling by famous Chief Rabbi of Israel Ovadia Yosef z"l that these Ethiopians are surely Jewish (Yabia Omer 8, Even HaEzer 11)— the rabbinical council of the Eida HaHareidit decided that there is doubt about their Jewishness

Parshat Balak: The Sometimes Hard Road to National Recovery

Pinchas unexpectedly saved the day. How did Pinchas help? Pinchas shifted the eventual divine justice from plague to targeted killings, so only actual sinners died

The Teshuva Journey: Four For Four (Part One)

The four Stern children reported that the religious observances felt like just that: observances of a culture with little relevance to their modern lives.

The Beginning At The End

It is impossible to be involved in life without somehow sensing endings. We need not be permanently scarred by our beginnings, nor scared of what seems to be the death of a relationship.

Welcoming A Special Guest – A Lesson From The Rebbetzin

The treasure that Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h, left behind is her teaching that continue to guide us. This week's legacy is a personal story from her daughter.

The Curse of Religious Coercion: Parashat Chukat

Moshe's punishment came, counter-intuitively, to prove coercion comes at a cost

The Consolations of Mortality: Parshat Chukat

The life-changing idea of Chukat: we are dust of the earth but there is within us the breath of God. We fail, but we can still achieve greatness. We die, but the best part of us lives on.

A Kosher Pair Of Tefillin

It made a profound impression on my husband and he decided he was going to call up some of his relatives and maybe even long lost friends whom he’d barely spoken to in years – not for any particular reason but because they’d just lost touch.

The Habit Of Habituation

Never in the course of history has the speed of change been so dramatic and apparent, or brought such extraordinary power and wealth to the average person.

Nothing Is Easier Than Mocking

The challenge of observing-especially-when understanding is elusive.

The Reason Behind Para Aduma

The essential fault that they made was that they were not commanded to find a replacement to represent them.

Q & A: The Hereafter – Olam Haba (Part VI)

Question: How do we know that there is an olam haba – a world to come? L. Papirmeister

Daf Yomi

A Light Mixup ‘Anything That Is Counted…’ (Zevachim 73a)

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