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Hakoras Hatov

I endured a personal trial as I struggled to become a mother. In a community where just about every event is geared toward families, I felt the pain of not fitting in.

Planting Seeds

I never questioned why he insisted that we had to meet Naomi, and immediately acceded to his request. Yet when he had suggested that I write to the Lubavitcher Rebbe to ask for a bracha for children, I feared a negative response and refused.

Daf Yomi

Apples And Oranges ‘Two Menachos Were Mixed But The Handfuls Were Not Taken’ (Menachos 23a)

No, You Can’t Cheat Creditors

If a borrower dispossesses his assets to evade his creditors, his cunning plans are void, and they can collect the assets.

Certainty and Randomness, Each in Its Place

Terumah thanks kohanim for their service and supports them (more so than bikkurim, which were a smaller percentage of the crop). It makes sense to allow each Jew to choose recipients, to thank him or them for all they’ve done.

Sharing the Fruit

We glorify God, not in numbers, but in expansiveness. We too, are bringing our First Fruits when we're not busy battling each other over what is ours or who speaks the truth. Our Bikkurim begin with affording room for people to explore and grow.

A Sense Of History

The setting: Jerusalem some twenty centuries ago. The occasion: bringing first fruits to the Temple. Here is the scene as the Mishnah describes it.[1] Throughout Israel, villagers would gather in the nearest of 24 regional centres. There, overnight, they would sleep in the open air. The next morning, the leader would summon the people with words from the book of Jeremiah (31:5): “Arise and let us go up to Zion, to the House of the Lord our God.”

Stop Apologizing for Jewish Values

In this season of apologies, let’s be careful not only for what we apologize for, but what we need not be apologetic about. Jewish continuity will be served by pride in who we are and what we represent.

Why Do We Love Shabbos?

The Kobriner Rav says (mentioned in the Nesivos Shalom-Elul), if you want to become holy, if you want to begin doing teshuva, you must start with Shabbos.

Parshat Ki Seitzei: “You Name It”

The area in life which is most difficult to a person is why he was sent down to Earth. Man was sent here to overcome the tendency which bothers him the most. It takes a lifetime to overcome these issues, and that's why God gave us a lifetime.

Understanding The Haftorah

As a side note, it is evident from Tosafos that the order of the nechama haftaros is essential.

A Deceitful Agent

Mrs. Miller returned home and related to her husband what happened. "I'm in a dilemma," she said. "What should I do with the large size dress? Must I give it to Mrs. Schwartz or can I keep it for our daughter?"

Q & A: The Hereafter – Olam Haba (Part XV)

Question: How do we know that there is an olam haba – a world to come? L. Papirmeister

Why Do We Make Kiddush?

All of Shabbos centers around this one, primary idea: that we are enjoined to recall and internalize the fact that Hashem created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

The Only Black Skirt

Off my friend and I went to search for the skirt. After trying the regular racks, we decided to search the clearance rack, which was completely disorganized.

School of Hard Knocks

My son-in-law's parents live close by, so that was their first stop. But over a half-hour spent knocking with all their might yielded nothing but aching knuckles.

Social Capital And Fallen Donkeys

Never be in too much of a rush to stop and come to the aid of someone in need of help. Rarely, if ever, will you better invest your time. It may take a moment but its effect may last a lifetime

Forcing Israeli Athletes To Choose

Sports or Judaism--two top athletes made the right decision

Take 10 Years If You Must

This week's parsha includes the mitzva of kesivas Sefer Torah, writing or having a sofer (scribe) write a Torah scroll upon order. How can you fulfill this mitzva and present a Sefer Torah to a shul and experience the joy of fulfilling this very special mitzvah? Try "the 10 year plan"

The Halachic Obligation To Report Abuse

Some Rishonim write that one may speak lashon hara to prevent potential damage or injury.

Collecting Chance Encounters

Once I learned to treat every person I meet as more than chance and as an opportunity, I was able to expand my collection of superheroes.

Redeeming Relevance: Ki Tetzeh: Remember Not to Keep People Waiting

Since not saying lashon hara is easier said than done, here is something to help you: Just remember what happened to Miriam!”

Emotional Bribery

The wise Sages declared that every individual is related to himself! In fact, we are our own closet relative, even more than our own parents and children.

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