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29 Tammuz 5777 -
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28 Tammuz 5777 – July 21, 2017
21 Tammuz 5777 – July 14, 2017
14 Tammuz 5777 – July 7, 2017
30 Sivan 5777 – June 23, 2017

To Honor The Rebbetzin

23 Av 5776 – August 26, 2016
One Shavuos, the people of Slutzk walked their beloved rav home and ate with gusto the foods that the rebbetzin had cooked. When they had finished they waited for the customary divrei Torah.

Seek Not Revenge

16 Av 5776 – August 19, 2016
Despite all the evil that she had done to him in the years gone by, Rabi Yosi now forgot the past.

The Age Of Haskala

12 Av 5776 – August 15, 2016
Rushing over to the table, he saw a precious diamond, magnificent in its sparkling beauty, inside the fish.

Yearning For Torah

2 Av 5776 – August 5, 2016
The question bothered him very much and he decided to go to the town square where all the poor were gathered and ask them.

The Answer (Continued From Last Week)

20 Tammuz 5776 – July 25, 2016
Running into his house, he told the good news to his wife and then sat down to say Tehillim in praise to the Almighty.

An Expensive Agreement (Continued from last week)

10 Tammuz 5776 – July 15, 2016
What you have given me is not really mine. At any moment you can grow angry with me and take it back. How can I list it then as my own?

An Expensive Agreement (Continued from last week)

6 Tammuz 5776 – July 11, 2016
It was only worth a few marks, but you had no money for it and you said that if I gave it to you, you would give me all the money you would eventually have over 10,000 marks.

The Bargain

26 Sivan 5776 – July 1, 2016
David’s face fell and he said: “Dov, you know my financial position. I am a poor man. How can I get 1,000 marks?”

An Expensive Agreement

19 Sivan 5776 – June 24, 2016
Taking out a penknife from his pocket, David showed it to Daniel. Never had the latter seen anything so lovely.

The False Accusation

5 Sivan 5776 – June 10, 2016
Rav Nathan immediately thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity to meet some political figures who might be able to help him free the Benjamin Bainash.

Alexander In India

27 Iyyar 5776 – June 3, 2016
“Very well,” answered Purus, “you may join my armies and watch as we destroy Alexander with our animals.”

The Legend Of Rabbi Hershele’s Wife

6 Iyyar 5776 – May 13, 2016
The fair closed and spring turned into summer and the peddler never came to call for his sack. The rebbetzin soon forgot about it.


15 Nisan 5776 – April 22, 2016
But the people understood Yisro’s real reason for wishing to step down and they grew angry.

The Beginning Of Anti-Semitism

8 Nisan 5776 – April 15, 2016
“With either of these two plans you can keep the Children of Israel in Egypt forever.”

Never Question G-d’s Ways

1 Nisan 5776 – April 8, 2016
The man vehemently proclaimed his innocence, but the loser would not hear of it.

Daniel In The Lion’s Den

23 Adar II 5776 – April 1, 2016
The king felt bad and he tried to argue against such a harsh verdict being meted out to so prominent a man as Daniel.

The Writing On The Wall

16 Adar II 5776 – March 25, 2016
“I am your king, you fool!” he cried.

Thrown Into The Fire

9 Adar II 5776 – March 18, 2016
The king ordered the three brought before him and asked, “Is it true you do not worship my image?”

The Story Of Daniel

5 Adar II 5776 – March 14, 2016
G-d gave Daniel and his companions knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom, and to Daniel, especially he gave understanding of all visions and dreams.

The Virtues Of Tzedakah

25 Adar I 5776 – March 4, 2016
You are called both sons and servants. When you carry out the desires of the Omnipresent, you are called ‘sons.’ When you do not carry out the desires of the Omnipresent, you are called, ‘servants.’

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