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Making the Best of Modern Technology

On this week’s podcast, Doug meets Steve Dotto, host of the television show Dotto Tech. Find out how you can make your life easier...

Goldstein on Gelt: What Should You Do If You Get a Sudden Cash Windfall?

What’s the first thing you should do if you receive a sudden windfall, such as an inheritance, legal settlement, or bonus?

Goldstein on Gelt: Is the U.S. Economy About to Crash?

How might Trump's winning the White House affect the U.S. economy, stocks, and other investments?

How Thinking Effectively Can Improve your Life

In the second part of this week's Goldstein on Gelt podcast, Professor Edward Burger, president of Southwestern University and author of Five Elements of...

Goldstein on Gelt: Why Globalization is a Mixed Blessing

Doug shares his insight on early retirement and stresses the level of commitment it takes to really reach the goal and maximize your chance of success at early retirement,

Goldstein on Gelt: Your Mother Was Right: Handwriting Does Matter

Dual citizens often find cross-border investing challenging. The trick is to find a financial advisor who understands the financial implications of living in two countries. How can you find the right financial advisor?

Do Long-Term Investors Need to Worry About the Economy?

Is there an investment that can withstand economic turmoil and provide returns for investors?

Who Needs Insurance? (Podcast)

Insurance, retirement and pensions in Israel.

How Will Internet Searches Look in the Future?

In the second part of this week's Goldstein on Gelt podcast, Bob Rosenschein, American-Israeli software pioneer and entrepreneur, talks about his most recent startup...

Goldstein on Gelt: Is the Solution to Child Poverty to Give Away Money?

Why do some people prefer to bet in a casino, where the odds are stacked in favor of the house, rather than putting their money into the stock market, where chances of making a profit are much higher?

Goldstein on Gelt: 8 Tips for Making Smart Stock Choices

Factors one should take into consideration when deciding to invest in stocks and how an investor can pick a good stock when there are so many to choose from.

Goldstein on Gelt: Cross-Border Investors – Everything YOU Need to Know

Advice for dual-citizen investors who have international investments, including how to view an investment as more than its currency value.

Why Do So Many Americans Spend All Their Money?

How easy is it to teach children good financial habits?

Did You Save Enough for Your Empty Nest?

Find out how to get ready to live your dreams and how to avoid some of the most common retirement mistakes on the way.

Goldstein on Gelt: The Power of Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is when a computer takes a certain set of variables and creates an algorithm that makes stock trading faster and more efficient--a useful tool for both advisors and investors. Learn if algorithmic trading is the right strategy for you

How to Breathe Life Into Your IRA

Why is an IRA a worthwhile account for retirement? And how can you use it to the best advantage?

Goldstein on Gelt: Are Millennial Investors the Only Investors with Short Attention Spans?

Offering tools that make tracking expenses and investments easier and insists that people should “know their numbers.”

The Easy Guide to SMA

John O’ Connor, president and chief investment officer of 3-D Asset Management.

Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing

Discover the motivations and the emotions that may affect investing.

How to Avoid Being the Next Ponzi Scheme Victim

Sadly, as stated above, ZeekRewards is not a one-off story. Apart from desperation to make more money, another possible reason people fall for these schemes is that the scammers may have gotten smarter. However, there are three basic measures that you could follow to protect yourself from falling victim in a financial scheme.

What Can You Expect From Social Security When You Retire?

Discussion on recent changes to Social Security benefits and how it will effect you.

Are You Thinking Clearly? (Podcast Part II)

How do you make the important decisions of your life, such as what to study or where to invest your money? Is there a mathematical strategy to thinking clearly? On this week’s Goldstein on Gelt show, Professor Michael Starbird, professor of mathematics and author of “The Five Elements of Effective Thinking,” talks about how we make decisions and how to think clearly.

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Getting a Divorce

Financial expert Peter Dunn discusses the most common money mistakes that arise during divorce


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