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The Vizhnitzer Chassidic rabbinical leader who presided over the marriage ceremonies for nearly every Jewish couple in his Boro Park community in Brooklyn, Rabbi Pinchas Shalom Hager, z’l, passed away Thursday morning (June 4) at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City following a month-long illness.

He leaves behind a wife, six married daughters and three sons.


Rabbi Hager, z’l, 67, was the oldest son of the Vizhnitz Rebbe of Monsey, shlita. He led the Viznitz Monsey Kehilla (community) in Boro Park with firm and compassionate faith.

The rabbi was responsible for management of the rabbinic learning colleges (Kollels), the yeshivahs and the girls’ schools in his community as well.

The funeral was held first at the Vizhnitz Synagogue in Boro Park and then proceeded to the main Vizhnitz Beis Medresh in Monsey.  Baruch HaDayan HaEmes.

As happens sometimes in the House of Israel, with tragedy and sorrow also comes joy: on the very evening after his funeral, the rabbi’s brother Rabbi Mendel Hager is attending the wedding of his own granddaughter in Israel. Mazel Tov to the family.



  1. Baruch HaDayan HaEmet. As we have more widows and orphans, shouldn't our communities get group whole life insurance so the communities can find relief from supporting widows and orphans for years to come. Just a suggestion from a non life insurance salesman.

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