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July 28, 2014 / 1 Av, 5774
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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Netanyahu Accepted a Ceasefire with ‘No Assassinations’ Clause

Clinton made no mention of Hamas in her short speech, referring only to PA president Mahmoud Abbas.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on November 20, 2012.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on November 20, 2012.
Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon/ GPO/Flash90

Egypt’s Foreign Minister has announced that a truce between Israel and Hamas will go into effect at 9 PM GMT, 2 PM Eastern.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently spoke with President Barack Obama and accepted his recommendation to give a chance to the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire, and thus provide an opportunity to stabilize the situation and calm it down before it became necessary to use even more force.

Netanyahu expressed his deep appreciation to the president’s support of Israel during the operation and his contribution to the Iron Dome system.

The prime minister reiterated that Israel will take all necessary steps to protect the citizens of Israel.

An Egyptian official confirmed to Reuters that a ceasefire agreement was reached between Palestinians, Israel. Israel has agreed to a truce in Gaza, but will not lift blockade: Israeli sources. (Reuters)

Hillary Clinton on Egyptian TV Wednesday Night

Hillary Clinton on Egyptian TV Wednesday Night

Secretary Clinton said on Egyptian television tonight: “The U.S. will work with partners across the region, improve conditions in Gaza, provide security for the people in Israel. Every step must move us towards a comprehensive peace for all the people in the region. Egypt is assuming responsibility and leadership of the region.”

Clinton made no mention of Hamas in her short speech, referring only to PA president Mahmoud Abbas.

The Hamas-Israel ceasefire deal has Egyptian “guarantees,” an Egyptian source close to the truce talks told Reuters.

An Egyptian source said the truce includes an end to “assassinations” and “incursions,” and will also ease movement of Palestinians in and out of Gaza. (Reuters)

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45 Responses to “Netanyahu Accepted a Ceasefire with ‘No Assassinations’ Clause”

  1. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    Good Riddance! Hamas won the war against the stinky pigs….. Hoorraah

  2. Hammas is trying to wage a war against Almighty and His chosen Nation.?Hamas nor their supporters will never win.Also,be careful how you speak about G-d's people.Remember,the one that blesses will be blessed,the one that curses is cursed..

  3. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    Allah, Elohim, Eli or the All-Mighty, has already sentenced you to diaspora and you have no right to be gathered in a land nor claim its your land. You broken with the All-Mighty order. This if you believe in Torah.

    What do you think of that. You invaded our Land and killed our babies, and then say Allmighty is not pleased with us. You must be talking of another God, the Israelis god "Zionism".

  4. NO, you hypocrite. Hamas tried to do the very thing that Israel is accused of falsely as it happens. The mass slaughter if civilians by raining rockets on civilian centres and their use of civilians as human sheilds and then calling tem "martyrs".
    They did not have the capacity to take on military targets. Their cymical negligence in this regard shows the moral decrepitudeoft the criminal gang called Hamas.

  5. Michael Frye says:

    Messaoud is the problem in the Middle East. Unfortunately there are 300,000,000 of them. Hashem will watch over the Jewish people and they will survive and thrive as they have for over 5,000 years!

  6. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    You should please Hashem by abiding by his order: not to dwell in a land but keep in dispora.
    At least this what non-Zionist Jews are saying and endorsing.

  7. THE REAL TERORIST ARE Benjamin Netanyahu AND Hillary Clinton.

  8. The Palestinians are claiming victory…maybe they do not know the meaning of the word…they can not comprehend WE are the children of the ONE and ONLY G-D…many people have tried to kill us…but WE are still here…lol.

  9. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    but you made a baby to Hashem All Mighy. OUr AllMight has no babies

  10. Yadira Gomez Corpus says:

    Shalom… In México all we know Obama is a muslim who supports the awaken of the beast (Yahweh reprehend him).We are million awaking from the lost house of Israel, and we are warriors.The Otoman Empire(Turkey) will be the source of the beast who will foolish and deceive all mankind, but we are with Yahweh the only elohim and he will destroy all pagans very soon….

  11. David Bonin says:

    A shame. Israel sho;ld not accept the ceaSE fire. Not one iota. Israel shouold "send" presents to Gaza, 24/7. Why is Israel not persevere? Arabs know only vilence and cowardness. Let us send them all to paradise.

  12. Is there a Trojan horse somwhere? As far as Messaoud Mohammed is concerned, how unfortunate his mother carried him I'm utero beyond 6 weeks.

  13. What is an Egyptian guarantee worth? About the same as a Hamas guarantee. Absolutely nothing.

  14. Charlie Hall says:

    If the cease fire fails to hold, Morsi is going to look REALLY impotent. Will Hamas throw their most important supporter under the bus? Stay tuned!

  15. Charlie Hall says:

    You know wrong. The "Obama is a Muslim" is a lie originally concocted by a notorious American anti-Semite and perenial candidate for political office, Andy Martin. I wonder if he did it deliberately to push America and Israel apart. And the Ottoman Empire went out of business completely 90 years ago this month.

  16. Grace Acosta says:

    May your Profit (piss be upon him) send you to your 72 virgins SOON!

  17. Thank you Israel's leadership for letting us down; you have not finished the job and you know that. Beware of Hamas the Leopards! They don't change spots – only tactics!

  18. Yadira Gomez Corpus says:


  19. Tom Rose says:

    Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the only begotten Son of God,and when He comes back to set up His Kingdom,allah who is Lucifer or Satan,will bow before the King of kings (Yeshua) and confess Him as Lord !

  20. Yori Yanover says:

    Charlie Hall — Nobody is expecting Hamas to live up to the deal. In 2008 they signed a 42-item deal, none of which they kept.

  21. Yori Yanover says:

    Charlie Hall — But the State Dept. foreign policy is Muslim, and has been since the early 1940s. Since the Roosevelt-Ibn Saud meeting.

  22. Yori Yanover says:

    Why? What's your definition of terrorism?

  23. Jarrod Muhary says:

    This show of pathetic weakness by Netanyahu will cost us all dearly… Big mistake. We should have finished Hamas once and for all :-(

  24. For now! Any guesses WHO and WHEN will start it all over again

  25. Heather Dow says:

    Hey Messaoud even some of your own people (not like you) know of the propoganda you speel off and that Hamas, a terrorists, runs Gaza, trains very young children to hate and kill Jews, puts children in harms way and even mothers put children in harms way. if someone of your OWN people disagrres with Hamas they drag them down the street, killing them. no democracy; not to other Arabs. you kill each other because that is who you are – without Jesus. He is your only peace but you choose hate and death instead. God is a god of love, not hate. God bless Israel and those in Gaza that love Him.

  26. Myriam Obadia says:

    I suddenly wonder whether the 3 American Ships weren't there to menace Israel into capitulation. At any rate, Netanyahu has lost my vote. Next time I vote for someone with his manhood intact, someone who hasn't spent his adult life riding the coattail of his brother's glory.

  27. Alex Gay says:

    Hey Heather, I agree that Messaoud is obviously upset and coming from a place of hate, which is intolerable from any side of this… I have a lot of experience with the Middle East and the people from these populations. And when I was in Iran, the country that funds Hamas and is the well known enemy of Isreal… And it was incredibly interesting to learn that the country was full of Jews and synagogues… And that their issue with Israel had extremely little to do with religion and more to do with the fact that Palestine is getting wiped out of existence… And I am making it very clear that I don't support or condone EITHER side of this conflict but the numbers aren't looking good for Israel… There were 13 deaths in Israel. 10 of which were non civilian and 518 wounded. There were 1417 Palestinian deaths 926 of which were civilian.. Women and children… With over 5300 wounded… We need to start to see that there is NO country in the right when are lives lost… On either side… But we as a free nation need to step back and be careful who we are supporting as well… We need to look into all the facts and not listen to our own media which is undeniably biased. This isn't a holy war and we can't treat it as one. We all need to put our religious views aside and see the whole picture as it is. Or we will never know peace.

  28. Liad Bar-el says:

    100% correct. Bibi has been a weak leader, is a weak leader and in the future will be weak and no longer a leader.

  29. Liad Bar-el says:

    Where have you been the last few years, Alex, hiding under a rock? THIS IS A HOLY WAR! It is not a matter of realestate. Israel is losing because the leaders recognize and support idol worship in the Holy Land of Israel, the idols that you and Heather bow down to.

    As I have learned from Yehuda Cohen who said that the Rambam, Rabbi Mosheh Ben Maimon (Maimonides), wrote a formal didactic (teaching) letter to the Yemenite Jews in 1172 informing them that Muhammad is a false prophet and insane. He said the same about Gezus. You claim to be on the fence and not take sides but it is very clear that you are not sitting on the fence and you have taken sides against Israel. Your claimed neutrality is really empty of meaning and full of ignorance.

  30. Liad Bar-el says:

    Next time, the IDF should do as U.S. General John J. Pershing, aka “Black Jack”, did against the Islamic terrorists in the southern Philippine Island of Mindanao after the Spanish-American War at the turn of the last century (1911). He threatened the mullahs with …”splattering of pigs-blood on your houses and families and any who attack us and are killed will be buried in pig-skins.” He soaked the tips of his bullets in pig fat (lard). After he killed a few of them and buried them in pig skins, the mullahs made Pershing an Honorary Chieftain with little if any more trouble in his area of command.

    Another account from the 1938 book, Jungle Patrol, explains a similar successful account like Pershing. It was Colonel Alexander Rodgers of the 6th Cavalry who accomplished quiet in the area by taking advantage of religious prejudice what the bayonets and Krags had been unable to accomplish. Rodgers inaugurated a system of burying all dead juramentados in a common grave with the carcasses of slaughtered pigs. This worked and so other officers took up the principle, adding new refinements to make it additionally unattractive to the Moros. In some sections the Moro juramentado was beheaded after death and the head sewn inside the carcass of a pig. And so the rite of running juramentado ceased to be in Sulu.

    Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat, defended the practice: “If burial in pigskin will deter suicide bombers, then it is incumbent on us to do this. We should do anything to save life.”

    When questioned if it really happened, the Rabbi said: “I truly believe it happened. The pigskin was supplied by someone with a good sense of initiative. The body was lying by the supermarket for three to four hours. There was plenty of time.” Pork is considered an abomination by observant Jews, but it is produced at one Kibbutz.

    Jews at Gush Katif, in the Gaza Strip, were the first to claim to have defiled the body of a dead Palestinian with “pigskin and lard”. Residents of Efrat said that they did the same to a Palestinian building worker who tried to blow up their supermarket but was shot dead before most of the explosives detonated.

    Again, the IDF should tip their munitions in lard and make it known to the other side what is coming their way if they shoot at us again.

  31. Liad Bar-el says:

    We have pictures of your babies wearing bomb belts. It's a shame that yours malfunctioned for you don't seem to be enjoying life much.
    The Great Sage, Rambam, called Muhammad a false prophet and insane. Question: Does following an insane person make one well or also insane? With such tragic events reported daily in this world about the followers of Islam (Muhammad), it proves that insanity breeds insanity.

  32. Liad Bar-el says:

    Messaoud Mohammed, maybe you’ve over dossed on what your prophet recommend you to drink. Mohammad recommended drinking camel urine for healthy vim and vigor. (Sahih Bukhari, Ablutions (Wudu'), Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234)
    This camel urine nonsense is so obviously a cult practice, there should be no illusion of what Islam is, it's a dangerous cult masquerading as religion of peace, even know it all Obama bought into the religion of peace hypocrisy.

  33. Jarrod Muhary says:

    Alex Gay – I wouldn't exactly call the Neturei Karta Jewish sect and their friends in Iran anything more than "Traitors" and "Nutters"… They even hang out with Neo Nazi's like David Duke… How's that for credibility? Every group has it's crazies and the Neturei Karta and co. are ours… What you may or may not have heard in Iran is not exactly a reliable sample of Jewish opinion mate… :-(

  34. Liad Bar-el says:

    It’s miracle! We are all witnesses to a great miracle.
    The head of the land of one of the most intelligent and advanced countries in the world, Israel, agreed to such a stupid, insane and idiotic agreement called a ‘ceasefire’ from the ones that still claim to want to murder us.

  35. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    it means you are all idiots and stupid people.

    the signature of the cease fire agreement israel's contingency. Israel doe not want to continue as it sees itself a loser there.

  36. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    Next time you are going to vote for a Hamas man despite you.

  37. Alex Gay says:

    Hahaha ok… I find it interesting that you claim like you know the first thing about me, I have NO idol I bow down to, I am a believer of science and critical thinking. I find, and I mean NO offense to those who do, Heather you are family and I love you dearly, however I see ALL religions as complete nonsense of those unwilling to look at history and reality. If this is a HOLY war for YOU guys then I guess it is… That's YOUR choice… I choose to look at ALL sides of a situation, weigh evidence and perspectives and make opinions based on reality. I am an active peace activist and strongly oppose the Hamas, Hezbollah and Mullahs destroying the Middle East… But when you step back and look at the reality of the situation Israel is FAR from innocent here… And I see the FACTs of death to death ratios. I have seen the numbers and that's why I say it looks bad for Israel… NOT Jews… Israel.

  38. Alex Gay says:

    I'm not here to argue religion, your religion is YOUR business and not anyone else's. I am here to discuss something at actually matters and that is the death of an exorbitant amount of innocent people that needs to stop.

  39. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    you must be drunk or lunatic saying this rubbish against the Lord (Allah). Our prophet is the last prophet in this world, and, more, Moses had even wished to be one simple person of Mohammed's Nation for the blesses and nobility, and high rank it will have in Paradise.
    Not like you dogs of dogs, and pigs of pigs … your last pigsty will be very down in Hell. Killers of prophets! You even killed the so-many prophets sent to you by Allah, and wanted even to kill Allah, …. to Hell rusty aged pigs!

  40. because they support the war in Palestine…

Comments are closed.

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