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April 19, 2014 / 19 Nisan, 5774
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Friedman Praises Israel’s Academic Freedom, then Urges Its Termination

Shhh… Mr. friedman is thinking…

Shhh… Mr. friedman is thinking…
Photo Credit: Rebecca Zeffert/Flash90

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Today’s NY Times Columnist Tom Friedman’s “Breakfast Before the MOOC” praises a Technion pan-Arabic MOOC (massive online open course), yet another example of Israel’s inclusive approach to Arab students everywhere, and then, on the same page, calls for curtailing that success story in Judea and Samaria, which would mean the end of those freedoms for local Palestinians.

It’s sinister stuff.

My first email this morning came from the American Technion Society, practically jumping up and down on my desk, screaming: The Technion Featured in Tom Friedman’s Column!

Friedman described the Technion’s groundbreaking Arabic-language MOOC (massive online open course), with some 4,800 students who have signed up from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and the “West Bank.”

Friedman then comments: “Arab dictators so underestimated their people for so long. That’s what fueled the Arab awakening. It makes you weep for the wasted generations and pray this will be the last of them.”

And then he concludes: “This story is a useful reminder that Israel… has its lows, like the occupation … and its highs, like the [MOOC in Arabic].”

So that the conclusion of a mile-long column describing Israel as an oasis of knowledge and academic freedom for Arabs, is that Israel must end the “occupation,” which includes Ariel University in Samaria, with a massive enrollment of Palestinians who are given the same opportunities as Israelis.

These Palestinian students must now go back under the rule of Arab dictators, to follow Friedman’s logic.

Anav Silverman of the Tazpit News Agency reported here in December that Arab students make up 20% of the Technion’s student body.

This year’s valedictorian was 27-year-old Muslim woman, a medical student, Mais Ali-Saleh, who graduated from the Technion’s medical school. Ali-Saleh grew up in a small village near Nazareth.

What emerges from Silverman’s report is not only the obvious fact that the only country in the Middle east where Mais Ali-Saleh and other Arab women can excel academically is Israel, but that it is also the only country in the region where any Arab scientist can engage in valuable research. Rather than being the “apartheid state” for Arabs, Israel turns out to be a haven of democratic and academic freedom for Arabs.

But people like Tom Friedman can’t get over their desire to eradicate the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, no matter how productive and beneficial it is, and to replace it with Arab rule, no matter how tyrannical and repressive.

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About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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28 Responses to “Friedman Praises Israel’s Academic Freedom, then Urges Its Termination”

  1. Carlos Font says:

    This again proves that 20th Century "Liberalism" has become a religion. To be a good card-carrying liberal you be have to be ready to repeat certain mantras. Regardless of your intelligence rating you must put your brain in the locked position and yell "END THE OCCUPATION' and better if you march with a placard while yelling it. Thank the Lord for them or Conservatives wouldn't have much to laugh about.

  2. Stuart Kaufman says:

    I hate Tom Friedman with a white hot hatred. May he be cursed for Eternity.

  3. AC Stubbs says:

    Yet have you prayed for him?

  4. Stuart Kaufman says:

    Mr. Stubbs, I am a Jew. I have the luxury of being permitted to hate my enemies.

  5. AC Stubbs says:

    Stuart Kaufman Could be wrong but thought a fundamental Mitzvah of the Torah was not hating the other fellow.

  6. Donn Gross says:

    There must be ground rules for how articles criticizing people such as T. Friedman are written and read. I can certainly understand the white hot hatred by Stuart. However, I am often reminded of a provocative story in the Talmud. A man passed a house of worship of a cult of Peor. The man had such a strong negative reaction that he was compelled to deface the house of worship. He did what he thought would be the greatest expression of aversion and defecated all over the site. The Peor Priest was just watching this man in amazement and in admiration. He shouts out in ecstasy "I have never seen anyone worship with such great fervor!" The style of worship at Peor was to defecate. The meaning behind the story is this: When you feel "white hot mad" at someone, they own you and you have given them your personal power. i.e. you have worshiped them.
    The way to read these articles is to listen to their words, see where their their logic & reason are faulty and calmly stand tall and erect knowing you are in the right.

  7. Rene Levary says:

    When you are getting paid by the New york times,then ….bravo Mr Kaufman

  8. I would agree with you in most cases but Tom Friedman writes like he is God and there are people out there that take what he says as gospel. He is a very dangerous individual because of the power of his articles. Stand tall and be right but don't hesitate to point out his many flaws.

  9. It's nice to read someone else's opinion about Thomas Friedman who agrees with me. I can't understand how he can be so dense.

  10. Thomas friedman is a stupid man with a desperate need to feed at the trough even when it comes from anti-semitic pigs. oh. wait. especially when. he's got Jewish mommy problems.

  11. Donn Gross says:

    Joseph Marmor I just read something you probably have heard: The men who went to spy out the land of Canaan wove their lies into truth. First speaking truth then injecting the lie. I agree, these are the most dangerous. We all know a lie, but when mixed in with truth it is sinister and pernicious. I must admit, I used to like Friedman years ago. I'd agree with anyone who says he is full of himself and like most talking heads; never admits when he is wrong and seemingly does not learn from his errors.
    I may have given the impression, we should not react to them. I did not intend to leave it that way. It is the manner we react outwardly and more IMPORTANTLY, how we react inwardly.

  12. Michael Elofson says:

    Friedman has proven his stupidity as an arrogant, ignorant global warming prophet for many years. What surprises me is that such a stupid man can have such a global impact. But I guess one shouldn’t be surprised as his politically correct evangelism is exactly in tune with the ruling liberal-left media. They treat him like a hero despite that he is just a coward going with the currently politically correct opinions.

  13. Al Fuchs says:

    I love medinat eretz yisrael the only democracy in the muslim middle-east.friedman change your name,your a self hating yid.how about ivan the terrible.that would be more suitable 4 an anti=semite like yourself. sincerely AL FUCHS. A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR,AND A PROUD JEW.

  14. He pollutes the pages of NYT, why on Earth do you give him space here?

  15. Thomas Friedman is rabid "Jew eater"

  16. Until my fellow Americans of all stripes are willing to return all occupied lands to the First People they should be silent about Israel and Palestine. As they have no desire to return our lands, the least they could do is stop the ever constant encroachment and seizure of what we currently hold, before pontificating about what another country should do.

  17. Millie Kashuk says:

    I never read any articles that Thomas Friedman writes………..Nothing positive in any of his articles……He certainly does not like Israel.or Judiasim…….So cross him off your list………….

  18. Why ..he is expert in middle eastern affaires..is it just because you disagree with him… ( not fair )

  19. Mr. Friedman has a problem facing his inheritance. It is up to readers and listeners when in an audience to point out the contradiction in his writings and his lectures. The contradiction may or may not be a result of his employment at the New York Times.

  20. Arie Arazi says:

    Thomas Friedman is a self-hating Jew, miserable. Since he was young and wrote the book “from Beirut to Jerusalem” He demonstrated his hatred to anything Israeli or Jewish. This line of his got the attention of the NY Times who thought that Friedman can serve their own hatred for Jews to their satisfaction. After all he is Jewish and with such a name there would be no place for error. They hired him and encouraged his column in the paper. Slowly his anti-Israel opinion has become his principal motto in life. And who do you think could use Friedman’s services and advice if no one else than Barrak Hussein Obama? Thomas Friedman will essentially be remembered as a disturbed person who has had identity issues most of his life.

  21. friedman and those like him are worse than Arabs, & more dangerous than Arabs

  22. Stuart Kaufman says:

    AC Stubbs – Wrong!

  23. First off, if that story is really in the Talmud, it's one of the greatest stories ever told. I'm guessing it wasn't intended as a joke with a good moral behind it, but still…very good points about hate and giving people free-rent inside our heads as well.

  24. Donn Gross says:

    Roasted Locust I believe it is in Sanhedrin.

  25. Aldo Mimoun says:

    I wouldn't call him a self hating Jew. I just call him a moron.

  26. Tamar Alexander says:

    Khaled Abdelrahman expert? on middle eastern affairs? after being so wrong about the arab spring?

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