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January 23, 2017 / 25 Tevet, 5777
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Hundreds of US and European-Arabs Leave Gaza

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The IDF escorted 670 Arabs with dual nationality from foreign countries out of Gaza and away from the Hamas war front and safely in to Israel Sunday morning.

The dual citizens left through the Erez Crossing, the northern border of Gaza, and include those with citizenship form the United States, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and other European countries.

Their home embassies assisted in the evacuation, which may have been connected with the possibility of an IDF ground incursion and the army’s warning to northern Gaza to leave their homes in advance of a massive round of bombing of terrorist targets.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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  1. European Arabs? What’s that?

  2. Now escort them out of Israel, too, before they start throwing rocks.

  3. Waaay too nice. They are adults-they needed a personal invitation?

  4. News won’t report the truth and how wonderful Israelis thinking is!!!

  5. Flora Morina says:

    step ahead…!!…let them ‘do’ rocks, if they don’t know better..!!

  6. And still Israel is nice.GOD bless and protect Israel!

  7. mainstream media will not report this…go ISRAEL

  8. Jeez. Just what Israel needs. Not.

  9. what if they’re terrorists? ugh.

  10. Beryl Cohen says:

    And this is what our soldiers are doing?? send them out of our country asap, who knows if they can be trusted??

  11. Always take the high road

  12. Sharon Levin says:

    Goodbye eventually
    Sorry for them

  13. CNN did a half decent job at 6 am today on explaining with wolf Blitzer with an Israeli spokesman. He was trying to be even handed (ha ha).

  14. Israel Defense Forces

  15. Lupi Moore says:

    I m w Israel en hes forces ..shalom Jerusalem !!!!!!!!!!


  17. Iqbal Dinho says:

    In another news israel brutally murdered 600+ unarmed mostly women children civilians…wow so nice israel – yahweh must really love the killer israel – “thou shalt not kill” : torah..remember? Zionism is not judaism…you ppl can goto hell


  19. Ali Shah says:

    Israel built on human blood.shameful israel.

  20. let arabs stay there

  21. Unbelievable! G d bless Israel

  22. I hope they keep an eye on them.I’m sure they will.

  23. Way to go Israel, its easy to see your heart..

  24. here we gooo now they are all headed here

  25. hope and pray israel come and help us get rid of them here to

  26. Uzi Kattan says:

    Hara b’zuba’l immak! You don’t deserve being nice to. I would have cut them down and not let them live.

  27. Take back Gaza strip Israel,, the agreement was for peace, you got rockets, clean it out, , plant an Israeli flag, once,,again, place an irion drone,, agreement now is NULL and VOID..id think that should help, ,,,these people are never going to stop..

  28. Are you kidding,???, we have soo many ex military people living among us whom have witness these horrific things, IN Iraq and Afganistan, they wont get far..and unlike Israel, all Americans carry guns..not to mention our drones who watch these people very closely..even Russia warned us about the ones who did the Boston bombings, our FBI blew that one..bet they learned a lesson..

  29. John Kaboff says:

    Escort them into the sea

  30. Shame on them! Like rats leaving the sinking ship! Why, they ought “to go down with the Royal George” since they love “Palestine” so much! And Israel has to escort them to safety…what a bunch of cowards & retards!


  32. Herbert Peck says:

    I know of no other county who would this not even the U.S. ….G-d bless Israel

  33. Gaza needs to be taken over! Hamas needs to be exterminated like vermin

  34. I wonder what’s the real deal here πŸ˜‰ Everything doesn’t always appear to be what you see. More than that meets the eye

  35. no such thing as a US arab.

  36. no such thing as a US arab.


  38. Yes their are they call themselves Persians so that they can live incognito

  39. Yes their are they call themselves Persians so that they can live incognito

  40. ya know, you are right….. O.o

  41. ya know, you are right….. O.o

  42. There are also Palestian American citizens

  43. There are also Palestian American citizens

  44. There are every kind of ” citizen” some natural some not… as long as they can act civil and respect ” life” I don’t mind sharing…

  45. There are every kind of ” citizen” some natural some not… as long as they can act civil and respect ” life” I don’t mind sharing…

  46. Marvin, if what you say is true, then why compared to Israel, does the United States have the most Jews of any other country ????

  47. Actually as many live in the United States, as Israel..and also if what you say is true, then why after World War2,did the United States make a promise that we would always protect the Jews because of the holocaust..all American soldiers know that..I thi k you have very wrong facts

  48. David Cohen says:

    Donna Hambright Glatt, it is true that during World War Two, the United States turned away Jewih Refugees. The reason for the numbers of Jews here is the large immigration of Jews into this Country between the 1880’s to 1920’s and the renewed immigration after World War Two when the Country had compassion for the survivors of the Holocaust. Roosevelt fear the political power of the” America First” lobby who were mostly Anti-Semitic. Read your history books.

  49. David Cohen says:

    My family fled Russia in 1904 because of the hatred and violence. During the 1930’s up until Pearl Harbor, there was a lot of people who did not understand the threat from Hitler. There were people who thought Hitler was the West’s protection against Socialism and didn’t realize he was worse.

  50. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Why were they in Gaza???

  51. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Iqbal, Hamas using innocents as protection for rocket launching sites. Announced that!!!!

  52. How do they leave. Gaza is ,according everyone a prison???????

  53. Actually Torah says Thou shalt not murder. Sometimes you need to kill to save a life. In this case when you fire rockets at Israel with the intention of killing Israelis, they WILL go after those responsible. Unfortunately the women and children used as human shields reject the warnings of the IDF to leave the area. Hamas encourages them to remain as shields. When Hamas stops firing rockets, Israel will stop.

  54. Donna, Most Jews immigrated to the USA during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. During the war many were sent back, refused entry. USA had a quota system enacted in 1929 and only 27,000 Europeans were allowed to immigrate per year. Roosevelt and his administration could have ended the quota system anytime even knowing what plight were befalling the Jews of Europe. After the 2nd World War, Immigration was stepped up and the quotas removed.

  55. Iqbal Dinho says:

    Thou shalt not murder.yes and what are the israelis doing? Yes thank you for answering.

  56. Every damned country in the world is built on human blood. Hamas would gladly add a room addition to Gaza using you and other kafirs as building blocks.

  57. There were many Jews in the US although anti-Jewish groups, Christian groups, Klansmen, and even American Nazi organizations flourished from the 20-40s. But we’ve been here a long time even before the American Revolution (even paying to help it). Jews have been in Charlestown (as it was then) almost 300 years. This is where I trace my family (who later went apostate as they crossed the country but I converted to Judaism again). The US has turned its back on Jews many times; good times have been sporadic yet notable.

  58. Iqbal Dinho says:

    Most populated place in the wprld is this nazi death camp called gaza. Of course the rockets have to be somewhere. You dont expect hamas to hide the rockets in an israeli kibbutz do you? Everywhere you turn in gaza is a civilian place and theres no where to hide in gaza – the bloody place is a modern day auschwitz. Are you ing retarded to not realise tgis before regurgitating stupid israeli media statements like “ahhh the rockets are in civilian places”. Seeiously how can ppl be so blind?

  59. Tsaha”l –Tsevaot khayil L’Yisra’el (?)

  60. Tsaha”l –Tsevaot khayil L’Yisra’el (?)

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