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The first news of a planned new cyber attack against Israel , scheduled for April 7, 2013, was announced back on March the 11th, almost a full month earlier. The attack is a face saving effort to renew a campaign from last November, which was nothing less than a miserable failure. The previous campaign saw more than 44 million attacks by Anonymous on Israeli government servers, yet in the end only one server was noticeably impacted, and it just went a little wobbly under the increased load.

Given their past failure, a bit more can be expected from the new attack. The Times of Israel reports that the 100 largest websites in the country, including banks, credit card companies, and communications firms, are said to be targeted. This, of course, is nothing new. These days they are all routinely targeted. My own analysis uncovered a list of more than 1,350 specific targets, including research organizations like NGO-Monitor, human rights organizations like the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and even the Histadrut trades union. The list also includes the Prime Minister’s Office, Finance Ministry, Foreign Ministry, the Judiciary, Health Ministry, Trade Ministry, and the Knesset. In addition to 110 government servers, the list includes 318 academic servers, 582 company websites, and 448 organizations.


Given past experience, the government servers and most of the companies and academic servers would likely stand up to even a severe distributed denial-of-service attack. Such “actions” are becoming almost routine. The real impact will likely be felt by human rights organizations and civil society organizations that rely on cheap, shared hosting and will likely go off line temporarily if they come under attack. The more serious risk, however, comes from the real hackers, rather than these script kiddies. The new attack has a number of named hacker and groups with past reputations listed as supporting it. In fact, this new attack seems to be bringing together more groups than ever before.

More than a year ago, I warned that Iran was impersonating Anonymous in an effort to turn it on Israel. Evidence from Facebook show that a number of specific hacking groups behind the April 7th threat are Iranian backed and some are thought to have Iranian state sponsorship. These groups include the Iranian Cyber Army, Remember Emad (a joint project in Lebanon, with state backing) and Parastoo (which reportedly has ties to IRGC-QF and Hezbollah ). In the case of Parastoo, direct mention is made of psychological warfare and of efforts to advertise the attack in advance with the aim of spreading chaos and pushing Israeli actors into taking preventative action that causes further disruption. Given the timing of this new attack, and questions over what Obama and Netanyahu agreed on during the recent Presidential visit, one has to wonder at the timing of this new attack.

Last year, the FBI arrested several hackers from Anonymous. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III warned at the time that “we should not forget that you want to identify these individuals who are responsible for these crimes, investigate them, prosecute them and put them in jail for a substantial period of time.” He also warned of the use of hackers by terrorists. The U.S. Government would no doubt be very interested in any identification data linked to Anonymous hackers that Israeli authorities are willing to provide.

There will be plenty of Israeli geeks looking forward to the challenge – and quite capable of coming out on top.



  1. There is nothing impressive about being a script kiddie. It's the lowest of the low. Someone who feeds off the work of others to cause minor destruction and minimal doom. Yet, today, many people idolizie these script kiddies as freedom fighters against a tyrannical and oppressive American government. Behind the silicon curtain, it's just some fat , wolfing down cheetos as he uses a script to send thousands of requests to a popular website that has upset him with their support of one policy or another, and believing himself to be Batman or some other hero that could be mistaken as a villain by some.

    Some angry kid reads a few graphic novels, watches V for Vendetta, and suddenly he is the speaker of truth, the only one who understands how the American government has abused their power and must be stopped through the art of annoyance. I don't buy that, not one bit. These "anonymous" ers are not freedom fighters. They may claim that to justify their disrespect for laws, but they really just enjoy going out of their way to inconvenience others. They use technology to annoy others, not to make any cogent political point or take a stand against any specific aspect of the government.

    Their real desire is to find ways to harass others in ways that are untraceable and legal through loopholes. One example of this is a website that allows you to text others from your computer and have the texts sent from a "real" phone number (with 9 digits) that doesn't give away the fact that it's from a computer on its own. I know this for a fact, as I received a stream of confusing and disturbing texts in a matter of seconds from one of these "phone numbers." That has nothing to do with what they claim to be… that is what they truly are, mosquitoes on the internet.

    I refuse to associate myself with Anonymous or any of their positions. If they and I happen to agree with one another on some specific issue, so be it. But even then, I will not condone their actions. I wish more people would take a stand against them. Just because one is against Anonymous and their douchebaggery does not make them implicit in the actions of governmental bodies. It just means they can think for themselves and refuse to sink to the hive mentality that infects most internet communities.

    It depresses me to see how many people idolize these clowns instead of calling them out for what they are. If even one of them would actually present a coherent argument as to what bothers them about the situation of the world instead of working to take down websites for a few minutes, then I would consider taking them seriously. But given the trend, that seems less and less likely. I'm only important in my own mind, so I don't expect this whine-bag of a post to make it beyond a couple hundred views, but the internet has its ways of surprising me.

    I'm not afraid of 14-year olds that can refresh their browser really quickly. I'm not afraid of someone who has ten gigs of illegal porn tucked away on their hard drive. Anonymous can be one. But I am legend. (Self-proclaimed.)

  2. The idea that being the victim of persecution ***doesn’t excuse persecuting others is completely valid.

    Norman Finkelstein, who for his writings has been virtually blacklisted, noted in "The Holocaust Industry" that the Jewish Holocaust has allowed Israel to cast itself and "the most successful ethnic group in the United States" as eternal victims.

    (um, shouldn't it be Native Americans being USA's biggest victims? Then the black slaves?).

    Finkelstein, the son of Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, goes on to argue this status has enabled Israel, which has "a horrendous human rights record," to play the victim as it oppresses Palestinians or destroys Lebanon. This victim status has permitted U.S. Jewish organizations (the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and others) to get their hands on billions of dollars in reparations, much of which never finds its way to the dwindling number of Holocaust survivors.

    Finkelstein’s mother, who was in the Warsaw ghetto, received $3,500, while the World Jewish Congress walked away with roughly $7 billion in compensation moneys. The organization pays lavish salaries to its employees and uses the funds to fuel its own empire.

    For many the Nazi Holocaust is not used to understand and deal with the past, and more importantly the universal human capacity for evil, but to manipulate the present.

    Finkelstein correctly writes the fictitious notion of unique suffering leads to feelings of unique entitlement.

    repeat –> The idea that being the victim of persecution ***doesn’t excuse persecuting others is completely valid.

  3. Nadine again quoting the Shoah denying Finkelstein. The more nadine posts the more she proves what she really is, having that tattoo of a swastika on her forehead. nadine would be happy to join finkelstein and adolph in restarting the Auschwitz ovens

    Here's some more quotes from your beloved modern age nazi finkelstein:

    Finkelstein describing the Shoah "as a fraud"

    "Articulating the key Holocaust dogmas, much of the literature on Hitler's Final solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud."

    "The Holocaust Industry" p. 55

    Finkelsteing alleging no one was ever murdered by the nazis

    ‘If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one,’ my mother used to exclaim, ‘who did Hitler kill then?’”

    “The Holocaust Industry,” p. 81

    Keep posting nadine. With every one of your posts, you further admit and identify yourself as a promoter of genocide of Jews. I find it interesting how ilk like Nadine migrate to Jewish media to spew their venom

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