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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

An Israeli geneology firm has revealed the two opposing frontrunners in the U.S. presidential election campaign are genetically related.

The subsidiary of ‘MyHeritage’ traced the genetic ancestry of the two American presidential contenders, and discovered they’re both descendants of the British monarchy.


Both GOP candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are descendants of the romantic liaison between the fourth son of King Edward III, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and his mistress.

Television host and comedian Bill Maher claimed in a 2013 satirical routine on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” however that Donald Trump is descended from orangutans.

Some 81 million registered users around the world avail themselves of the company’s services, which include a platform to help construct a family tree.



  1. Funny he says that he says Trump is a descendant of orangutans, but, pardon me for saying, but Maher always reminds me of an upright stick of feces. I'm serious (this is not meant as a gratuitous insult – he actually reminds me of poop!)

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