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Vice President Joe Biden attacked time and again the Netanyahu government which he said causes the White House “overwhelming frustration,” in a speech at the leftwing J Street organization’s annual gala dinner on Monday. “The present course Israel’s on is not one that’s likely to secure its existence as a Jewish, democratic state— and we have to make sure that happens,” Biden said.

Biden recalled his recent meetings with both Netanyahu and PA Chairman Abbas, concluding that “there is at the moment no political will that I observed among Israelis or Palestinians to move forward with serious negotiations. The trust that is necessary to take risks for peace is fractured on both sides.”


According to Politico, the tone and direction of that Biden reference and his overall speech “seemed to rule out the chances of a final year peace push from the Obama administration.” Perhaps.

Biden acknowledged the attack on a Jerusalem bus by Arab terrorists that took place on the same day he was sharing his frustrations regarding the Netanyahu government’s lack of willingness to pursue the two-state solution. Biden condemned the bombing, saying it had been done by “misguided cowards.” He offered prayers to the injured and their families. Which is probably more realistic at this point than anything else the administration could do to promote its goals in the region. That should be frustrating indeed.

Biden began his speech with praise for another guest of honor, young, first-term MK Stav Shaffir (Zionist Camp – Labor), who reminded him, he said, of the time he had run for the Senate at the age of 29. “May your views once again begin to have a majority opinion in the Knesset,” Biden said.

Not likely. In fact, if Labor ever wants to be a contender in Israeli coalition politics, it’ll have to move to the center—as the majority of its members have been advocating—which could mean the dropping of needless indulgences like Shaffir.

Towards the end, Biden said, “We are Israel’s maybe not-only friend, but only absolutely certain friend.” That statement will be tested in November, after the elections, when the US Administration will have to decide whether or not to veto a UN Security Council resolution unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state.



  1. Betcha VP Biden truly regrets hs decision NOT to run for
    President. His words are the same as "J Street"-pure unaldulterated Babble, garbage, and trash. No one who cares for the State of Israel pays any attention to "J Street". A goup of left leaning fools who hurt themselves from patting themselves on their backs so much!

  2. when an important official of the usa resorts to slander,
    lies, and conditions which are blantantly absurd and twisted
    and continues to equate Pal motives and inaction with
    Israeli efforts, you might say that the USA leadership is
    -out of control
    -stuck on their obsession with pressuring only 1 side
    – under the influence of insidious organizations & beliefs
    against the Jewish state
    – in trouble.

    Biden is not welcome in Israel!

  3. Too bad Obama and Biden did not put even one tenth the pressure on Abbas. They would push the Israelies but kiss the asses of the PA. There was not deal because Abbas did not want a deal and was making so much money by blackmailing the leftist West. Westbank is not a viable state under any circumstances and only survive on handouts. Can't wait to see Obama and Biden unemployed.

  4. Mr Biden, you can keep your false words of comfort for the victims of this latest terrorist attack. You and your boss have consistently failed to condemn Islamist inspired terror. You and your boss have consistently put pressure on your ally israel, while keeping silent about the daily incitement coming out of the PA.
    If you have to shout over and over again "i am a friend of Israel", it usually means that you are no friend at all.

  5. The US government thought it knew best what to do with Native Americans, and look where the Indians are today… some live in abject poverty with no running water, sanitation, medical facilities or schools. Set your own course, Israel.

  6. Maybe Biden might cite concessions the Arabs have made. Just kidding, the Arabs have offered no concessions and have turned down very reasonable offers from Israel. As for securing a democratic nation, it should be pointed out to Biden that Abbas is in the eleventh year of a four year term. Maybe he should advocate for long overdue elections for the PA. Just kidding, Obama, Hillary, Biden and Kerry blame Israel for everything, his speech is as one sided as the Democrats policy toward Israel.

  7. as an american, i see my country falling into the hands of the devil. in fact singers actors, president, congress are all involved in devil worship. being that jews are Gods people i would not let any of them back into your country. at the hands of the most rich the world will burn. God help us all that don’t follow them. i don’t never will.

  8. Biden was never respected as a Patriot in his entirte life. Vice Pres Biden was wrong in 99 % of his political, military assesment of all the major military conflagrations that came before his comitee. He was selected because he was a piece of putty in the hands of Obamas 60's radicals and he owed Obama because of his remark that he was at least a "clean" black guy running for President. Obama made him eat those words for the past 7 1/2 years ! Biden, your a disgrace to the American People. Sarah Palin wiped him out in their debates in their race to the White House. Palin was Gov of Alaska for a couple of years. Biden was Armed Force's Commitee member for years. Wiped him out !

  9. Frighteningly so, How people like Biden are being allowed, and paid! for speaking nonsence is beyond belief. America is on the path to nowhere. Not even the selling of arms based on its war economy will fare well for the future.

  10. Interesting and frightening. The political scene in USA seems to be made up of the old boys net work, old boys and lets keep the money making machine in our hands! Political integrity has left room. Many appear to be short of wearing black shirts and a Nazi salute.

  11. What a cmplete moron this guy is, off all the nation on this earth he dare to say this, the nation that threw the first and second atomic bomb, the nation that went into war because of the fear of a commy domino, the country that got rid of Saddam Hussain only to find it is fighting a lost war like Vietnam and Afghanistan, the country that wanted Khadafy elimintaed and got a country back with 5 rival parties, the country that wanted Assad to go and helped the other parties who as they thought wanted democracy? That country dares to say this! What a chutspa they have

  12. The U.S. gives money to the Palestinian Authority.

    At the beginning of the months of stabbings, the P.A.'s Abbas made an Arabic video in which he says:

    1) We welcome every drop of blood spilled;
    2) The stabbers are martyrs who will be rewarded by Allah in heaven; this is what's written into the Palestinian Authority's elementary school children's books;
    3) the "filthy feet" of Jews will never go near their mosque.

    Yet Obama and Biden feel overwhelming frustration with Israel, and never criticize Abbas.

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