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September 17, 2014 / 22 Elul, 5774
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Kerry May be Behind Egyptian Proposal for Ceasefire

Does anyone in the Israeli government remember what happened to King Saul when he did not eliminate the king of Amalek?
Senator John Kerry visiting Cairo's Tahrir Square, March 20, 2011.

John Kerry visiting Cairo's Tahrir Square, March 20, 2011.

Egypt reportedly will announce a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel on Tuesday, the same day U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to visit Cairo although neither Israel nor Hamas has expressed any public desire for an unconditional halt in the latest round of violence.

Egyptian media reported the ceasefire will be announced at 6 a.m. and it will take effect three hours later.

Kerry has been almost totally silent since the start of the  current mini-war, but his plan to visit Egypt exactly when the Sisi regime reportedly will announce a ceasefire raises the obvious probability that the not-so-illustrious Secretary of State has been trying once again to “solve” problems in the Middle East, where he has left behind a mess almost every time he visits.

Egypt also would love to repair the damage of the Muslim Brotherhood regime and play the role as peacemaker.

Another bad actor in the ceasefire proposal is Middle East Quartet Envoy Tony Blair , who met al-Sisi on Saturday to orchestrate a ceasefire.

Hamas has said it will not agree to a halt in attacks on Israel without its conditions being set, a bit ludicrous considering it has been literally knocked out and barely has retained consciousness. It also has been welcomed with a thunderous silence by the Arab world towards Hamas’ weakened status after having committed almost every diplomatic and military mistake possible.

Hamas needs the ceasefire if by doing so Egypt will re-open the Rafah crossing and allow free flow of goods and merchandise, the lack of which might have cost Hamas dearly in the eyes of Gazans.

One big benefactor of a ceasefire would be Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who would be in a position to gain more prestige from the international community to dominate the Hamas-Fatah unity government.

Kerry undoubtedly has lunatic ideas that a resumption of the “peace process” with the Hamas-Fatah regime would follow a “halt in hostilities,” as the Egyptian proposal described it.

Based on previous ceasefires, the Egyptian plan will not get very far, if it ever gets to the stage of being proclaimed.

Residents in southern Israel will be after the head of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu if he agrees to a ceasefire, having suffered the aftereffects of dozens of previous declared halts of violence that have lasted from a couple of hours to a couple of months.

The Security Cabinet will meet Tuesday morning to discuss the Egyptian proposal.

After Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009 and the Pillar of Cloud campaign nearly two years ago, Israel agreed to ceasefires after pummeling Hamas, which used the breaks between resume violence to stockpile more missiles and rockets.

The difference for Israel in the current Protective Edge campaign is that the government is in a far better position than before. The world is increasingly fed up with  Hamas, and the IDF has been unusually effective in proving that it has does everything possible to avoid civilian casualties while Hamas has been exposed as doing what it can it increase them. There are few accusations against Israel of “war crimes,” in sharp contrast to the previous counter terrorist campaigns.

As Netanyahu has stated,  Israel defends its citizens against rockets while Hamas defends its rockets at the expense of its civilians.

Israel’s good standing may be the underlying reason why Egypt and Kerry are trying to float a ceasefire proposal now. If Hamas agrees to it, then Israel would finally be cast as the bad guy if it does not along with it. Israel would lose the advantage of the international community’s not having a soapbox to stand on to berate Israel.

Meanwhile, thousands of Israeli soldiers are poised on the Gaza border for a ground operation to further weaken Hamas. It is unlikely to happen under the current circumstances. President Barack Obama has publicly stated he is adamantly against a ground incursion, as if he is responsible for Israel’s security.

Now he has Kerry in Cairo on Tuesday, forgetting or not admitting that everything the man did during his nine-month Peace Talks Follies turned to you-know-what.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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39 Responses to “Kerry May be Behind Egyptian Proposal for Ceasefire”

  1. Oh no. Don’t send Kerry. He. Has shown himself to be anti Israel. I don’t want him speaking for me regarding Israel. Actually I do t want him speaking at all.

  2. Oh no. Don’t send Kerry. He. Has shown himself to be anti Israel. I don’t want him speaking for me regarding Israel. Actually I do t want him speaking at all.

  3. Good point to remember

  4. ZionOps says:

    if true will rally for elections…NO CEASEFIRE


  6. Patrick Obi says:

    Who brought the pig to the synagogue? Send Kerry to Iran on matters affecting the globe.

  7. Sonja Gorman says:

    Sure he is! Short sighted second rate politician!


  9. Kerry, go swim in your ketchup.

  10. James Gaus says:

    Kerry is a horse-faced bafoon whose foreign policy record isn’t with a horse’s ass

  11. I still feel Kerry cannot be trusted.the president either

  12. His wife may not let him it is her company

  13. His wife may not let him it is her company

  14. Reyna Cohen says:

    No cease fire this time, finish all the terrorists

  15. Saul was rejected as king… God’s heart was broken over Saul’s disobedience.

  16. Because of Sauls disobedience people like Haman came along & tried to destroy Jewish people. Thanks to Queen Esther & her obedience many were saved.

  17. Champ Styles says:

    Kerry is as useless as Obama. Does anyone miss Bush yet? -Yes I know there were issues but least he acted and didn’t bite nails on who’s side he was on. He recognized an enemy when he saw one.

  18. Lisa Zweigle says:

    Those in our US Government are helping Hamas and Israels enemies. A majority of Americans see this and they hate what is taking place in our Government. We are for Israel and beg those in Israel not to believe the wolves in our Gov who are pretending to be your friend. Once they get you to sign a peace treaty it will be a trap, so that your enemies will have you in their hands.

  19. I can always buy a vat of it for him to swim in if his wife won’t.

  20. Masume Tan says:

    אנחנו בני אברהם, יצחק אנחנו acient אנשים יהוה אלהים לא תאפשר לאף אחד לפגוע בישראל

  21. Masume Tan says:

    The hell with obama administration finish hamas once and for all if america betrayed us we can stand by our own

  22. Oh, this certainly IS our business, as Americans. We are supposed to be allies of Israel; therefore we should be helping finance this operation and sending in weapons and our own troops to fight side by side with our Jewish brothers. If I were president, that’s what i would do!

  23. The G-D Factor: Is it hurting us internationally? http://toi.sr/1mBH2wg please RT

  24. USA ur aborigines was came frm the hebrews heretage.. Looks your selves at the mirror..

  25. Remember to remind the Israeli government of Amalek!

  26. Kerry suffers from a permanent anal/cranial inversion. he is a one man WMD

  27. Kerry suffers from a permanent anal/cranial inversion. he is a one man WMD

  28. Mary Pinion says:

    He got decrowned. Samuel came . And God took his crown away and little David was made King over Israel . He was in rebellion ion. King Saul did not heed the word of instructions.

  29. Mary Pinion says:

    He got decrowned. Samuel came . And God took his crown away and little David was made King over Israel . He was in rebellion ion. King Saul did not heed the word of instructions.

  30. Mary Pinion says:

    He got decrowned. Samuel came . And God took his crown away and little David was made King over Israel . He was in rebellion ion. King Saul did not heed the word of instructions.

  31. Suzy Baim says:

    just another cycle of back and forth, terror then quiet then terror then quiet. It’s very sad. However, we should still have hope for the future

  32. Alisa Rutgos says:

    Very timely question! Two points for the Jewish Press!

  33. Saul’s kingdom was torn from him

  34. Thats what i keep saying.

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