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Jerusalem, Israel
12 Tishri 5779 -
? Thursday, September 20, 2018

Terrorists Infiltrate Southern Israeli Border on Yom Kippur, Then Leave

Two infiltrators were arrested in southern Gaza; both were handed over to security personnel for interrogation.

Hague Court to Determine if Ismail Haniyeh Is a War Criminal

This is a second complaint filed by JIJ against Haniyeh, after a complaint a year ago regarding Haniyeh's war crimes during the 2014 Gaza war.

Hamas-led Violence at Gaza Border Aimed at IDF Troops Saturday Night

IDF soldiers responded with standard riot control measures.

Watch: Gazan Shot Dead after Attempting to Sabotage Security Fence

"If you try to damage the border fence you might get hurt," Abu Ali mused.

Pipe Bomb Thrown at IDF Soldiers at Gaza Border

An IDF force identified a number of suspects crawling towards the border fence.

IDF Neutralizes Hamas Explosive Charge Near Gaza Fence

An explosive device that was found during the week by IDF soldiers near the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip was neutralized on...

IAF Attacks Incendiary Balloons Squad in Gaza

Many Arab demonstrators are expected to respond to calls from the mosques in Gaza urging them and to hold violent riots at the border

What Gaza Could Look Like, Without Terror

The IDF Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) has released a video on its Arabic-language Facebook page showing what life in Gaza...

Hamas Arson Terror Continues in Southern Israel

Incendiary balloons and firebomb kites are continuing to be launched at southern Israel from across the border from Gaza by Hamas terrorists.

Israeli Farmers Sue Hamas in The Hague, Aided by the Israel Law Center

Each of the three leaders of Hamas were named because they have Jordanian citizenship; Jordan is a member of the ICC, thus ensuring jurisdiction.

Brother of Soldier whose Body Is in Hamas Captivity Enlisted in IDF

"For four years I did not talk to the media because I could not deal with the pain emotionally, and today, too, I sit here in pain, and worse – I'm angry," Ofek said a month ago.

Netanyahu: No Arrangement in Gaza Without Return of the Boys

However: "We left the meeting today with a strong feeling that behind the prime minister's statements ... there is a sad reality that nothing has been done."

PA: At UN Abbas Will Reject US Mediation, Call for International Peace Conference

Abbas will use his speech to the United Nations General Assembly next month to announce his categorical rejection of President Trump's offer of the "Deal of the Century."

Hamas Chief: We Will Hit Tel Aviv

"The number of tunnels and waylays prepared by the resistance forces is greater than that faced by the occupation (that's Israel) in the previous war, and the missiles' capabilities have improved."

Shabak Uncovers Extensive Hamas Network in Hebron

It was discovered that Hamas was using women to transfer messages and instructions, transfer funds to finance terrorist operations and coordinate operations with the Hamas command centers.

Jewish Agency to Provide Loans to Businesses Damaged by Rocket and Arson Attacks

The loans have been donated by the Ness Foundation – funded by the Jewish communities of Metrowest and Miami in the US.

Steinitz: Palestinian Authority Inciting Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

Abu Mazen is working to create bloody riots in Gaza, so that Israel can hit Hamas – Abbas's enemies, and then Abbas can travel around the world and denounce Israel.

Palestinian Authority Has Their Own Demands for the Gaza Ceasefire Agreement

The Palestinian Authority first wants reconciliation with Hamas, before Hamas reaches an agreement with Israel.

High Court Orders Israel to Permit Entry of Hamas Family Members for Medical Treatment

Hamas is holding Israeli citizens captive while sending Hamas family members to Israel for medical treatment.

It’s Friday: More Hamas Violence at the Gaza Border

At least 5,000 rioters gathered at various points along the security barrier in renewed attempts to breach the border and attack IDF soldiers and other area Israelis.

Liberman Warns Kerem Shalom Crossing Likely To Close, Again

"If there's no terror, there will be an economy. There has to be a direct connection . . . If there is no quiet, it will be closed."

Erekat Calling for International Sanctions to Force Israeli Halt of Settlement Housing

Erekat blamed the US administration for encouraging Israel to expand its settlements.

Arson Balloon Attacks on Israel Continue From Gaza

Residents in southern Israel reported numerous incendiary balloons flown across the border.

Haniyeh: Gaza Siege Almost Over – At No Cost to Hamas

No one in Israel doubts that the Netanyahu government has been in negotiations with Hamas for some time now, and reaching agreements Israelis will only find out about later, or right now—from Ismail Haniyeh.

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