India Police Arrest 2 Jewish Women for Tearing Down Pro-Hamas Poster

One woman stressed that she was tearing down the poster for the Jewish people.

CAIR Wants ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Sacked for Comparing Arab Headscarf to Swastika

Watch the video. You can’t miss the uncomfortable silence that followed his declaration.

US Schools’ Policy Turning More Punitive as Pro-Hamas Movement Persists

Thanks to a tough lady from North Carolina named Virginia Foxx, the tide in academia may finally be turning.

Six Months Later, Couple Who Survived Nova Massacre Has a Baby

Already a couple of months pregnant, Astar was mobilized by the horrors around her, as every maternal instinct kicked in.

Pro-Hamas Students on Probation at American University

Speaking of intimidation, many protesters covered their faces with keffiyehs, the scarves associated with the terrorist groups Hamas and Fatah.

Black Democrat: Demonization of Israel Emboldens Hamas

Torres also warned about “anti-Israel propaganda” in the New York City public school system.

Jerry Nadler Booed for Pushing Aid to Gazans

The loudest boos followed Nadler’s call: “We must do more because we are better than Hamas."

Hamas Embedded Rocket Launchers In Aid Distribution Area

The launchers, located next to an aid distribution center and a shelter tent, had been used to fire rockets at Israel.

Dame Maureen Lipman: Leftist Actors Protesting Against Israel Are ‘Close to Fascism’

She said she wished that Israel was “granted a level playing field.”

IDF Report Fails to Explain Armed Gunman’s Role in Drawing IDF Fire to WCK...

General Har-Even’s report showed that IDF forces identified one gunman on the roof of one of the aid trucks, who was later joined by another gunman.

450 Stony Brook U Staff, Students & ‘Others’ Protest Arrests of 9 Pro-Hamas Demonstrators

These were the first arrests of pro-Hamas demonstrators on the grounds of Stony Brook, which have seen numerous anti-Israel rallies since October 7, 2023.

‘Queers 4 Palestine’ Should Know: Hamas Routinely Tortures and Executes Homosexual Members

"The narcissistic needs of spoiled Westerners are accorded more importance than the rights of faraway peoples."

Pro Hamas Goons Converge on Teaneck’s Congregation Bnai Yeshurun during ZAKA Event

The Hamas people heard that ZAKA was in town and went about ruining their fundraiser.

Regavim: Ismail Haniyeh’s Sister Is One of Thousands of ‘Bedouin Palestinian’ Ticking Bombs

“According to recent studies, about 30% of the households in Bedouin society in the Negev are polygamous."

Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Drown Out Jewish Congressman at University of Maryland

Darryll Pines, the university president, intervened and ended the lecture prematurely.

Report: IDF Imposes Kill Zones in Combat Areas Because, You Know, War

Should some lawyer in the Tel Aviv headquarters of the IDF decide to make the rules of engagement more stringent, IDF casualties would soar, God forbid.

Feeling Unsafe, Nova Survivors Leave UK after Encounter with Manchester Antisemitic Cops

“If this is how the cops treat civilians, I don't want to be here." Mind you, this guy stood up to the murderous Hamas hordes.

In Madness News: Security Apparatus Wants to Arm Gazans

It took the Allies more than a year to de-Nazify Germany; Israeli security officials think they can do it in Gaza in weeks.

US Office for Civil Rights Investigating UC Berkeley following Attack on Israeli Speaker

Several Jewish students complained to campus police of physical and verbal abuse, and not all the 200 attackers were Berkeley students.

Ra’am Chairman Abbas: Lapid-Bennett Govt Would Have Collapsed under Hamas Attack

“I wouldn't have thought that the government would have been able to last."

Russian UN Envoy: Rehire UNRWA Rapists/Murderers

"We note that these staff members were immediately dismissed before any investigation was conducted, based solely on Israel's allegations."

Pro-Hamas Passengers Left Grenade in NYC Uber

Law enforcement officers in riot gear began efforts to disperse protesters, resulting in an escalation to physically pushing several demonstrators to the ground.

Investigation Explodes Myth that Israel Targets Journalists

Media reports claiming vast numbers of journalists have died in the Gaza conflict are based on nothing more than Hamas propaganda, report reveals.

Tuesday Hamas Said No Way to Biden’s Monday Promise of a Sunday Ceasefire

This might be a good time to knock on Yahya Sinwar’s door asking for a cup of flour.

House Republican Says Hamas Should Be Killed and the World Is Outraged

Some individuals acquire their share in the World-to-Come in one moment.

IDF Reveals Video of Bibas Family Just After Being Abducted on Oct. 7

"Seeing this young mother clutching her babies surrounded by a group of armed terrorists is horrifying."

Muslim Month of Hate Looming over Israeli Government’s Decision-Making

All this goes on the head of this 6th-century Jewish merchant who hired an illiterate Arab kid as a security guard for his caravan.

Cincinnati Arabs and Jews Can’t Reach Compromise on Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

"Since Oct. 7, we Jews have been the victims of violent antisemitism in schools, synagogues, even on the streets."

US Pushing Normalization with Saudis in Exchange for Israel Pulling Out of Gaza

All the Jewish State has to agree to is erect two terrorist enclaves on its borders.


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