Netanyahu: ‘Whoever Burns Fields Should Know There’s A Price’

Last week Netanyahu instructed the director of the National Security Council to advance the proposal and include in it the compensation for fire damages.

Rocket Fire Returns to Southern Israel from Gaza

The IDF ordered the closure of Zikkim Beach on Friday due to the security threat.

Now Hamas Denies it Slaughtered Civilians on Oct. 7

The Islamist group's about-face is in part driven by fear of destruction as the IDF closes in, says one expert on the Arab world.

White House Warns Israel: IDF Op in South Gaza Must be ‘Different’ than in...

The Biden administration has “reinforced in very clear language” that renewed fighting must not “produce significant further displacement of persons.”

Israel Retaliates for Gaza Rocket Barrage

Israeli warplanes were spotted over northern, southern and central Gaza and explosions were heard across the enclave.

Netanyahu: Operation Guardian of the Walls in Far From Over

The senior officials of Hamas "think that they can flee from our strikes -- they cannot flee. We will reach them everywhere, all of these people, and we will continue to do so."

Hamas Denies Hostage Deal, Says Qatari Statement ‘Not Correct’

"There is no agreement on the framework yet and Hamas has significant remarks. The Qatari statement has hastiness in it and is not correct."

More IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza, Hamas Commander of Northern Gaza Eliminated

The names of the soldiers were released after their families had been notified.

PA Terrorists Arrested for Stabbings in Judea and Samaria

Authorities lifted a gag order Tuesday on the arrest and indictment of two Palestinian Authority terrorists, both in their 20s,  for stabbings of Jews...

Gazan Rockets Pound Israeli Communities Over the Holiday

At least ten rockets were fired by Gaza terrorists at Israeli civilian targets over the holiday.

Israel Launches ‘Oct. 7’ Website Documenting Hamas War Crimes

The site is intended for international users only and cannot be viewed from computers in the State of Israel.

3 Rockets Shot at Israel from Gaza

Three rockets were shot from Gaza into Israel, in the southern part of the Eshkol municipal council, exploding against the border security fence, Israel...

Hamas Military Commander Issues ‘Final Warning’ to Israel Over Eastern Jerusalem

The Israel Police and Border Police dispersed rioters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood after they hurled stones and bottles at them.

Gaza Sealed Off

Israel and Egypt are responding to the terror emanating from Gaza.

WSJ: Israel Eliminated Fewer than 30% of Hamas Terrorists

On day 100 of the war, the IDF reported that 9,000 Hamas and Hezbollah fighters had been eliminated.

Trump: ‘Only a Crazy or an Idiot Wouldn’t Respond like Israel did to Oct....

The former US president's secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, also gave public backing to the pending Rafah operation.

Rocket Alerts – We Must be Heading Back to School!

7:37am IDF declares.... "False Alarm". 7:22am The rocket siren went off, just as parents around the country are preparing to send their children back to...

Yet Another Enemy of Israel Poised to Join US Foreign Policy Team

Whether Robert Malley will be the most anti-Israel person on Secretary of State John Kerry's foreign policy team may be a tough call, but he sure will fit right in

Hamas Leader: Would Consider Swapping Goldin, Oron Bodies for Live Terrorists

“If the enemy is holding one of our soldiers, Israel should be holding 200 of theirs at the end of a war."

Preparing for the Inevitable, Chairman Abbas, 87, Replaces Senior PA Officials

The strengthening measures that Israel is considering are primarily economic.

Armed Palestinian Authority Police Block IDF From Entering Jenin [video]

Armed Palestinian Authority forces blocked Israeli military vehicles from entering the Arab city of Jenin.

Israeli Ambassador Prosor – No IDF Soldier Kidnapped

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor says no IDF soldier kidnapped. Hamas releases Facebook photo.

Israel, Qatar, UN Reach Deal for Cash Deliveries to Gaza

Defense Minister Gantz said he worked with Qatar "to ensure the money reaches those truly in need, while maintaining Israel's security needs."

IDF Bulldozers Level Land Across Southern Gaza Strip Border

The IDF incursions into the Gaza Strip have become an almost daily event.

UN, Quartet Working on Strategy to Revive Israel-Palestinian Authority Peace Talks

Quartet envoy Nicolai Mladenov announces the latest plan for dragging the Palestinian Authority back to peace talks.

Makeshift Bomb Targets IDF Patrol on Gaza Border; Army Shells Gaza in Response

The IEDs were placed along the Gaza border using the mass protests as cover.

Netanyahu: ‘We Will Bring Back our Sons, No Free Gifts’

By free gifts, the PM was referring to the fact that while Arab terrorists in Gaza are still holding on to the bodies of two IDF MIAs as well as two Israeli civilians who strayed across the border, they demand that Israel return the Arab terrorists' bodies.

Hamas Officials Get Rich in Gaza

Million-dollar villas for Haniyeh, net worth of more than $2 billion for Khaled Mashal. Welcome to Hamas-run Gaza


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