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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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#ShameOnTheUN Thursday Rally to Send Message on Coming Resolutions

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

A #ShameOnTheUN rally taking place tomorrow, Thursday, January 12, at 12:30 PM, in front of the French mission to the UN, 885 Second Avenue, NY, NY, will “send a strong message prior to the Mid-East Summit in Paris being held January 15,” according to rally organizers.

The rally will take place amidst rumors that the Paris conference will result in recognition of a Palestinian state, which will be followed by a UN Security Council resolution confirming the statehood, this time binding, on Tuesday, January 17, with the US either voting in favor or abstaining. Such a resolution could be the foundation for future sanctions against Israel should it refuse to comply by removing its settlements from the newly invented state alongside its border.

“We will NOT allow the UN and her gang of Israel haters to target Israel unjustly,” state the rally organizers (all caps in the original text). “NO MORE Anti-Israel documents or resolutions! The UN’s attempt to revise and erase Jewish history is deplorable. We call on the UN to focus on REAL issues such as Syrian Genocide and Global Islamic Terror instead of vilifying Israel unjustly.”

The following organizations have declared their support for the rally, according to the Israel Forever foundation’s Facebook page:

Israel Forever foundation, AISH Center, AMCHA, Americans Against Terrorism, Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), Bnai Zion, Congregation Or Chayim, Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), Fuel For Truth, Hadassah, The Zionist Women’s Organization of America, Hasbara Fellowships, Indian American Intellectuals Forum NY, Iron Dome Alliance, Israel Forever Foundation, Jewish Action Alliance, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Voice, London Center for Policy Research, Manhattan Jewish Experience, National Conference on Jewish Affairs, National Council of Young Israel, One Israel Fund, Phyllis Chesler Organization, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), Republican Friends of Israel, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Shomrei Haam, StandWithUs, Strength to Strength, The World Values Network, and Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), RAJE, JCCWatch, Z Street, Israel Independence Fund, Union for Traditional Judaism, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

David Israel

The Foolish Coming War On David Friedman

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

“Personnel is policy.” That’s one of the great cliches of Washington staffing, and we have an example of its truth in Donald Trump’s nomination of New York bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman to be his ambassador to Israel.

Much will be made of the blunt Friedman’s harsh words about left-wing Jewish groups and about President Obama, and these will be used in an effort to derail his nomination.

Friedman wrote an op-ed earlier this year likening J Street to kapos – the Jews who worked for the Nazis policing their own people. It was wrong of him to do so, but it’s something in the heat of a rhetorical moment I myself have done in relation to a disgusting Jewish cartoonist who uses images out of Der Sturmer to portray Israelis he doesn’t like, so I can appreciate Friedman’s emotional impulse.

That impulse comes from a deep sense of anger at Jews who use their Jewishness as a shield and weapon simultaneously to delegitimize the democratic actions of a democratic Jewish state. It is about defending your people against those you believe are siding with your people’s enemies.

In the case of J Street, Friedman’s feelings are merited even if his analogy was wrong. (And just as I apologized for my use of the term “kapo,” he’d probably do himself some good if he said he’d gone too far in that case – which, by the way, would give him a second shot at explaining why J Street is egregious in front of a far larger audience.)

Other arguments will be advanced against his nomination, such as Friedman’s lack of diplomatic experience. This is disingenuous. Every administration appoints ambassadors with no diplomatic experience, and official Washington generally accepts the practice without complaint. Trump need not find his Israeli ambassador from the ranks of the permanent State Department bureaucracy or the membership list of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Anyway, this is all nonsense. What horrifies those who oppose Friedman isn’t his opinion of J Street or his credentials, but that he is an outspoken opponent of the two-state solution, a supporter of Israel’s settlements, and a believer that the law passed 20 years ago that moves the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem should be implemented.

It is axiomatic to America’s liberals that every one of these things is at the very least shortsighted, or counterproductive, or runs contrary to American interests, or will cause terrible trouble for the U.S. in the Arab and Muslim world. But even those objections pale before the moral rage that asserts it is an act of barbaric immorality to oppose the two-state solution. For not only, in the eyes of its supporters, is it the only possible way out of the perpetual state of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, with Jerusalem divided so that it can serve as the capital of the new Palestinian nation, it is the only way to heal the moral stain of Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank.

There isn’t space here to litigate this; suffice it to say that if you believe the current Israeli-Palestinian impasse is a stain on Israel’s moral position in the region, you are free to feast on your own self-righteousness, but your perspective is astoundingly askew. Just to take this week alone, there’s a genocide going on about 300 miles to Israel’s northeast, a nightmarish pseudo-caliphate is enslaving women another 200 miles to the east of that, and a barbaric theocracy with a “destroy the Jewish state” doctrine is amassing power another 400 miles further east of that. The idea that Israel, by comparison to its region, is morally compromised is nothing less than unworldly preening.

As it happens, I am a supporter of the two-state solution in theory; but I have eyes to see and ears to hear. If you choose to believe there will be such a solution under current or future conditions absent a wholesale shift in the mindset of the Palestinians, please enjoy your delusion. If you are able to cut through the conventional static to consider a different view and how it might actually make such a shift possible, read Daniel Pipes’s profoundly important new essay in the January issue of Commentary magazine.

The reason Trump chose Friedman is that he evidently wants to upend the conventional approach toward Israel and the Palestinians. It’s possible he believes he can defibrillate the occluded heart of the “peace process” by approaching the Palestinians from a highly aggressive pro-Israel stance. If he actually wants to make a real deal, pursuing the entirely discredited approach of trying to drag the Palestinians to the table at which they refuse to sit is the worst possible strategy anyway.

The scalp hunters will be out for David Friedman, but if Democrats decide to go to war over this nomination, the joke will be on them. For one thing, blocking or derailing Friedman is a vastly more difficult thing to do now than it would have been otherwise because Senate Democrats, living in a fantasy world in which their party would always hold the presidency, stupidly invoked the nuclear option on executive appointments in July 2013 and have now made the passage of such appointments a matter of a simple majority vote in the Senate.

For another, Republicans in Congress (with a 52-48 majority) are the nation’s foremost right-wing Zionists now and will meet any attacks on him with delighted counterattacks and defenses.

And finally, should they succeed in derailing him, there are many other prominent Americans who share his views to whom Trump could turn. Personnel is policy. This is the policy the president of the United States wants to pursue. He’ll get the ambassador he wants, and he will pursue the policy he wants. Know why? Because he will be the president.

John Podhoretz

The British are Coming

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Israel’s Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman at the British Royal Navy Assault Ship HMS Bulwark, which docked at Haifa port, November 22, 2016.

British Sailor

Photo of the Day

Coming: Tel Aviv 4th International Homeland Security and Cyber Exhibition

Monday, November 7th, 2016

On November 14-17, 2016, thousands of politicians, law enforcement decision-makers and security professionals from around the world will gather at the Tel Aviv Convention Center to attend “Israel HLS & Cyber 2016.” The conference will focus on today’s most imminent security challenges, such as the threats of both physical and cyber terror, securing airports and major transport hubs, and protecting critical infrastructure.

Complementing these important discussions, the Exhibition will run simultaneously and showcase 160 Israeli companies, offering some of the world’s most innovative and advanced technologies in the field.

Years of heightened terrorist threats have led many governments to expand their security measures. Now, more than ever, greater attention is given to protect strategic assets, such as transportation hubs, stadiums and sports facilities, and critical infrastructure.

Faced with a multitude of terrorist threats since its inception, Israel has encouraged and supported the development and implementations of state-of-the-art homeland security solutions. Today, Israel is home to more than 400 companies in this sector and is widely considered to be in the forefront of the global security industry.

In recent years, Israel has also become a leading cyber nation. In 2015, the Israeli cyber sector reached $4 billion in total sales, representing 5% of that year’s global sales in this sector. More than 300 cyber companies operate in Israel, and the number is growing every year.


After November 8th, the King is Coming

Monday, November 7th, 2016

{Originally posted to the Israel Rising website}

The world is about to be thrown into a level of chaos of unknown proportions. None of this depends on the outcome of the elections in America.  Either way the path ahead post elections is fraught with danger.  The prophecies in the bible are clear.  When the nations of the world gather and come against Israel’s control of Jerusalem, the Almighty himself will intervene and save his children.  This prophecy can, like all prophecies be revealed in a variety of ways.

It is almost guaranteed that Obama will, especially if Trump wins come against Israel in the UN. Eventhough the UN Security Council vote will not come with a force of arms attached to it, the coming vote (which Obama will not veto) will lay down the “final boundaries” of a “Palestinian” State. This will include Israel’s biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria and “East Jerusalem.”  Expect the Old City to fall under international control.

With three months left in Obama’s term there will not be enough time for the world to send forces against Israel. However the vote itself will fulfill the prophecy in both Zecharia and Yechezkiel. What will happen afterwards are events that have already been set into motion. The nations of the world instead of destroying Israel will fight one another as it says, “Jerusalem will be a Cup of Poison.” Russia is already preparing for war against the USA, as is China. Europe is preparing to repel an invasion from Russia.  Iran and Syria are ready to attack Israel and Saudi Arabia is ready to defend against attacks from Iran.

Chaos is coming, but we know that chaos leads to order as it always has. Afterall in creation, night comes first followed by the day.  Night represents chaos and day represents order. Noah and his children experienced intense chaos and yet when the door to the Ark opened, the world was ready to be put back together again by their descendents.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us the Messiah, descendent of King David will conquer the world without firing a shot. He will fight with prayer as “prayer is his main weapon” (Lekutei Mohran, Lesson 2).  In a moment when the world has exhausted itself and G-dlessness reigns he is revealed to teach us that it is in fact the Creator who directly has done, does, and will do everything in the world for our good. The Messiah will open our hearts so we can worship the true King, G-d Almighty directly.

In Rebbe Nachman’s lesson concerning Tzohar (Lekutei Mohran, Lesson 112) the light in the Ark, he teaches that all holiness comes to the world surrounded by evil. We ourselves find it hard to allow the Creator’s light into our lives. The flood of anti-holiness and G-dlessness has gripped the world. However desperate things appear, Rebbe Nachman teaches that any of us can break through the layers of darkness and despair by making an opening to the Creator’s light within our own lives.  Afterall, there is no despair in the world at all since everything is done for our own good.

What is coming may be scary, but it is the final moment of chaos and darkness before the greatest light is revealed. The Midrash in Yalkut Shemoni relating to the End of Days says: “Do not be afraid my children. Everything I have done I have done for you.”

Buckle your seatbelts, the King is coming.


David Mark

Birthright Tours Coming Back to Gush Etzion

Friday, November 4th, 2016

The Taglit-Birthright Israel organization that sponsors free heritage trips to Israel for young adults of Jewish descent announced this week that participants will once again be permitted to visit Gush Etzion, Ma’ale Adumim, the Armon Hanatziv promenade and the City of David site, after being declared off limits for about a year due to the security situation.

According to Makor Rishon, a few months ago Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi), who, in his capacity as Diaspora Minister, serves as chairman of the Taglit-Birthright Israel stirring committee, asked his fellow committee members to take into consideration the fact that Israeli school students who visit these sites receive ample protection, as would surely be the case with their Taglit brethren from abroad.

The Birthright announcement assured participants and their parents that the expanded visit will be conducted in full cooperation with Israel police and would be altered in case of security threats.

David Israel

The Coming War Maybe the Last

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

{Originally posted to the Israel Rising website}

With a resurgent Putin and ascending China one wonders how the global structure that has existed since the end of the Cold War will continue to exist.  Most people view events through a lens of national interests mixed with political bravado.  These cross interests usually line up.  Due to this alignment we rarely have the disconnect we currently have in the West.  During the Cold War, anti-Soviet sentiment coincided with both the political and economic needs of the West’s establishment and everyday person.

No one in Washington or Brussels imagined a world where both Russia and China would reemerge as serious challengers to the West’s financial and geopolitical control, yet this is precisely what has happened. With Putin on the move in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and countries like the Philippines changing sides to China, the elite in the West have begun to panic. This is the cause of Hillary’s break with Obama’s policy when it comes to these new rising powers.

Goldman Sachs Speeches are Key to the Coming Confrontation 

Hillary is bought and sold by the banks. Her speeches make it clear she works for them and is essentially their puppet in the White House. Like always wars are far more about economy and financial control than anything else.  True there is an element ideology or nationalism at play, but choosing confrontation rarely has to do with that.  Hillary and her backers see Russia and China as a serious threat for their continuing monopoly on global finance.

With this at play, the interests of main street and the elite diverge drastically. Most Americans don’t care about Russian moves in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.  This is why Trump’s foreign policy is attractive. However, Trump is not the President whether or not he wins may not stave off a major confrontation between the USA/EU/Britain and Russia/China.

The financials in the West see a direct confrontation now, even at risk of full-blown WW3 levels rather than a proxy war as better to make sure their control stays in tact. Putin is not waiting either and this makes the “Great Game” far more dangerous than ever. For Putin and even China they understand the West is not going to let them steam roll their new world order.

When Will This Happen?

If Tump pulls an upset and wins, look for Obama to push towards an open confrontation now.  If Hillary wins, Putin will want to move fast in order to throw her foreign policy off before she gets in office.  The war will start, but on Putin’s time-table.  Either way, the stakes are so high this next war maybe the world’s last.

Israel Rising

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