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‘Thousands’ at Funeral for Car-Ramming Terrorist

27 Nisan 5776 – May 4, 2016
'Thousands' of Arabs attended the funeral of the Arab terrorist who hit and ran over three IDF soldiers.

Angry Turkish Neighbors Block Burial of ISIS Terrorist From Local Cemetery

12 Adar II 5776 – March 22, 2016
Angry Turkish residents did not allow the body of a terrorist to disgrace their village cemetery.

Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Leibowitz, zt’l, Head of Ponevezh Yeshiva, Laid to Rest

20 Adar I 5776 – February 28, 2016
Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Leibowitz, zt'l, was a disciple of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk.

The Funeral of Tuvia Yanai Wisman HY”D

10 Adar I 5776 – February 19, 2016
Friends seen mourning after the funeral of Tuvia Yanai Wisman, at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem.

‘Everyone Said You Were A Heroine, My Hadari’

26 Shevat 5776 – February 4, 2016
Hundreds of Israelis managed to reach the small city in time to pay their respects to fallen policewoman Hadar Cohen hy'd.

The Funeral

9 Shevat 5776 – January 18, 2016
The husband and children of Dafna Meir seen during her funeral in Jerusalem on January 18, 2016.

Funeral Begins for Daphna Meir, z”l, Travels From Otniel to Jerusalem

Daphna Meir, z"l, fought an Arab terrorist to protect her children; she is being laid to rest in Jerusalem.

Stabbing Victim Hadar Buchris, z’l, Remains in Beloved Jerusalem

12 Kislev 5776 – November 23, 2015
The young woman murdered by an Arab terrorist in Gush Etzion on Sunday was laid to rest in Jerusalem, the holy city she loved.

Chapel Launches Free Jewish Funeral and Yahrzeit Memorial iPhone App

26 Tishri 5776 – October 8, 2015
App users also receive push notifications for the yearly Yahrzeit, for each Memorial they’ve created.

The Funerals of Nechemiah Lavi & Aharon Benita

21 Tishri 5776 – October 4, 2015
The funeral of Nechemiah Lavi on October 4, 2015. Nechemiah was murdered by an Arab terrorist on Saturday night in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Legendary Musician Yossi Piamenta, z’l

10 Elul 5775 – August 24, 2015
The funeral for legendary musician Yossi Piamenta, z'l is set for 10:30 pm Mon. Aug. 24 in Jerusalem at Shamgar funeral home.

Temporary Road Closures during Funeral for Rabbi Lichtenstein

2 Iyyar 5775 – April 21, 2015
Police have closed the entrance to Alon Shvut, where eulogies for Har Etzion Yeshiva Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein will begin around 10 a.m. Rabbi Lichtenstein, who...

Second Wosner Funeral Victim Died

19 Nisan 5775 – April 8, 2015
More than 100 people were injured in the pushing, shoving and trampling.

Did the Police Fail or Did the People?

17 Nisan 5775 – April 6, 2015
When a body is found murdered in a field, the community leaders must declare, "Our hands did not shed this blood."

PM Netanyahu Sends Condolence Letter to the Sassoon Family

4 Nisan 5775 – March 24, 2015
The children were laid to rest in Jerusalem earlier Monday evening.

Arab ‘Day of Mourning’ in Negev Bedouin Schools

28 Tevet 5775 – January 19, 2015
A 'day of mourning' closed Negev Bedouin schools Sunday in southern Israel.

More Photos from HyperCacher Terror Victim’s Funerals [photo]

23 Tevet 5775 – January 13, 2015
Additional photos from the HyperCacher victim's funerals.

Heartwarming Show of Solidarity During French Victims’ Funerals

Thousands of Israelis showed their solidarity and sympathy at the funerals of the four victims killed by a terrorist attack on the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher in Paris.


15 Kislev 5775 – December 7, 2014
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman (C) seen at his mother's funeral ceremony, Esther Liberman in Holon on December 5, 2014, Esther Liberman passed away Thursday...

Har Nof Community Organizing Buses to Druze Policeman’s Funeral

26 Heshvan 5775 – November 19, 2014
A grassroots initiative of hundreds of Chareidim from Har Nof is underway to attend the funeral of Zidan Saif and to pay their respects to the fallen policeman and to the Druze community in the village of Yanuch-Jat in Northern Israel.

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