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Woody Allen: I Should Be the Poster Boy for the #MeToo Movement

"I’ve worked with hundreds of actresses, hundreds, and not a single one—big ones, famous ones, ones starting out—have ever, ever, not a single one, ever suggested any kind of impropriety at all,” Allen said.

Inside Israel Today: Interview with Naftali Bennett [audio]

Leader of the Israeli Right, Naftali Bennett, speaks with Gil Hoffman about Iran, Syria and Natalie Portman today on Inside Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Michael Medved on Natalie Portman [audio]

Why does it matters so much that a Hollywood star refused to come to Israel and rejected a $2 million prize? Gil Hoffman speaks about the Natalie Portman scandal with Michael Medved.

Israel Uncensored: Natalie Portman Snubs Bibi – BDS Declares Victory [audio]

Hear Joshua Hasten's thoughts on Jewish/Israeli Academy Award winning actress Natalie Portman’s decision to boycott Israel and not attend the prestigious 2018 Genesis Prize Award ceremony today on Israel Uncensored.

Everybody Wins: Natalie Portman Keeps the $2 Million, Genesis Prize Cancels the Ceremony

Mr. Netanyahu, take down that stupid prize. Say thank you to the Jewish-Russian oligarchs who invented it, but the State of Israel will no longer grovel at the feet of famous American Jews and pay them to like us. Please, Bibi, show us your spine.

Natalie Portman Snubs $2 Million Genesis Prize, ‘Does Not Feel Comfortable Participating in Any...

Had they vetted Portman, they would have discovered the rich Israeli ex-pat's statement to Elle UK in 2010: "I've always tried to stay away from playing Jews."

Is Natalie Portman Right and Jews Need to Chillax about the Holocaust?

Perhaps Natalie Portman’s opinion requires more studying than our confrontational, easy to rage, left-right debating rings offer...

Kerry Might Celebrate 4th of July by Talking with Iran on Deal

Iran wants a nuclear bomb for "peace purposes," meaning the annihilation of Israel.

Madonna and Portman May Vie to Purchase $55 Million Tel Aviv Penthouse [video]

The "Palace in the Sky" includes a private elevator, private pool and gym.

Anatomy of a Jewish Wedding with Natalie Portman and a French Guy

When JTA reports on a Jewish wedding with one of the participants probably not a Jew, shouldn't that merit a comment?

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