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September 5, 2015 / 21 Elul, 5775
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Al Asqa Mosque Preacher: Jews Train Doctors to Spread Diseases

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

To paraphrase another hate-filled radical Muslim preacher, Israel’s masochistic side teaches Islamists to spread the disease of hatred.

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi teaches Islam twice a week in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, where Israel has ignored, at least publicly, the increasing takeover by supporters of radical Islamic ideology.

His most recently class taught Muslims that Jews own 95% of the pharmaceutical industry and train doctors to create new diseases so they can spread illness and make more money.

Al-Mughrabi, or his script writer, must be given credit for a creative and healthy – make that unhealthy – imagination.

Palestinian Media Watch translated and published al-Mughrabi’s rant that was telecast on the Al-Msjed Al Aqsa channel last Friday:

Many diseases were created in labs – viruses created by doctors who were bought, trained and taught by the Rothschild family, the Freemasons, the Zionists, or the Jews to create and spread disease so they will be able to sell medicine for it.

According to what is told about the Rothschild family, they own more than half of the world’s wealth… There are approximately 950,000 billion dollars in the world. Out of this amount, 500,000 billion dollars belong to the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family owns the World Bank.

They own about 95% of the world’s pharmaceutical industry. Why do I mention the pharmaceutical industry? Many diseases were created in labs…to create and spread disease so they will be able to sell medicine for it. More than 95% of the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical trade are owned by the Children of Israel.”

Israeli police finally have had enough of al-Mughrabi and arrested him on Sunday for disseminating hate, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Quds Press, which reported that he” gives religious lessons to children at the mosque.”

Officials Reconsider Sprouting Wildfires After Terror Victim Memorial Torched

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Israeli officials are reconsidering the cause of the sudden appearance of the numerous wildfires this weekend — heat wave notwithstanding — in the wake of a blatant arson this weekend by Palestinian Authority Arabs at a memorial for Hebron terror victim Yossi Shok over the weekend.

The father of five died in a blaze of gunfire near Beit Haggai south of Hebron on December 16, 2005 when his car was ambushed in a terror attack as he drove along the road. It’s not the first time that particular memorial has been set afire; in fact, Shok’s memorial has been torched numerous times by Arab terrorists in the area.

Beit Haggai itself stands as a testament to the tenacity of those whose will to survive and thrive in the Hebron Hills is stronger than that of Arabs who are so desperate to wipe them out.

The community, established in 1989, was named for three Ner Yeshiva (Kiryat Arba) rabbinical students who were killed in a terror attack on May 2, 1980. The acronym of the three names of the boys – Hanan Krauthammer, Gershon Klein, and Yaakov Zimmerman – was used to create the name of the new community, Beit HaGaI, which lies within the legal municipal jurisdiction of the Mt. Hebron Regional Council.

But that fire was one of half a dozen that lit up the skies around central Israel on Sunday (August 2). Investigators are now paying close attention to the question of whether the blazes were deliberately set by Arab arsonists.

A similar collection of wildfires ringed the capital just before the start of the Sabbath a week ago.

More than 150 firefighters and volunteers fought the entire day along with firefighting aircraft and ground crews in order to extinguish one of the blazes — the largest since the 2010 Carmel forest fire — that ate up nearly 2,000 dunam of forestland around the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Shemesh.

Sunday’s fires were also ignited in numerous different directions, all of which were concentrated in the Judean Hills, Samaria and Mt. Hebron areas.

Among the communities affected were the Jerusalem suburb of Even Sapir, where 700 residents were evacuated from their homes in the face of the flames — several homes actually burned in the community — and the Samaria community of Elon Moreh, which was also struck last weekend as well. Fires also raged in an area between the Judean communities of Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah, close to where a similar fire was set in June.


Gva’ot Woman Hurt in Samaria Rock Attack

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

A woman who lives in the Jewish community of Gva’ot was hurt Sunday morning (Aug 2) when Arab terrorists hurled rocks at her car as she drove past the Samaria Arab village of Duma.

The vehicle was also damaged in the attack.

There have been more than 60 Arab terror attacks on Jews, mostly in Judea and Samaria, over the weekend. Few have been reported by Israel’s mainstream media.

Visitors Allowed at Temple Mount Despite Arab Violence

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Israel Police allowed visitors to continue their tours of the Temple Mount Sunday morning despite efforts by Arab extremists to prevent their entry with renewed violence.

Palestinian Authority teens wearing masks began hurling rocks at the security personnel on the Mount Sunday morning.

The violence appeared to have been a repeat of a familiar tactic aimed at manipulating police into again cancelling visits by Jews and other non-Muslims to the site.

As they did last week, however, Israel Police again instead moved the perpetrators into the Al Aqsa Mosque, where the security forces created a physical barrier to protect visitors from the attackers.

Tours of the site – considered the holiest in the world in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam – continued through the morning hours as usual.

The strategy is a new one: in the past, it was the visitors to the Temple Mount whose rights were abrogated and the rioters whose violence was given priority.

Last week, however, Israel Police changed direction and instead began protecting visitors to the site by blocking the violence perpetrated by Arab rioters. The attackers were moved by security personnel when they began hurling projectiles, and remained contained within the mosque so that non-Muslim tourists could visit the site safely.

E-Mails Show Clinton without a Clue on How to Relate to Israel

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s e-mails expose what President Barack Obama has tried to hide – a  person with absolutely no values or principles except to be politically correct.

The U.S. State Dept. on Friday released more of her hidden e-mails, and they show her as being uncertain and without a clue on relations with Israel.

She desperately sought advice in 2009 when she received advanced notice that the U.N.-sanctioned Goldstone Report thoroughly condemned Israel for alleged war crimes in Operation Cast Lead against Hamas missile attacks on Israel in late 2008 and early 2009. The voluminous report  was based on information that its author Richard  Goldstone later found out to be biased and led him to retract most of his criticism.

His original conclusions were devastating, and Clinton’s e-mails reveal she did not know what to think, according to the correspondence published by Vice News.

Clinton wrote her adviser Jack Sullivan:

What’s the guidance on what I should say? Mitchell just reported to me how strongly the Israelis feel that the POTUS and I speak out forcefully about it now.

And they said if there’s a vote in the UNGA that’s the end of the peace process. What do you know?

Mitchell at my request is calling [then-White House Chief of Staff] Rahm [Emanuel] and [US Ambassador to Israel] Dan Shapiro to report and be sure POTUS knows before he tapes shows today.

Clinton also showed no confidence about how to deal with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the issue of building for Jews in “settlements” in Judea and Samaria.

Sandy Berger, who was her adviser as well her husband’s when he was president, e-mailed her:

The objective is to try shift [sic] the fulcrum of our current relationships with Bibi from settlements – where he thinks he has the upper hand – to ground where there is greater understanding in Israel of the American position and where we can make him uneasy about incurring our displeasure

Two weeks after e-mailing Sullivan on the Goldstone Report, Clinton e-mailed Berger, apparently referring to Netanyahu’s’ agreement to freeze construction:

Let me know how you think today played.

She did not ask for information. She did not ask for the meaning of the Goldstone Report or the freeze.  All she was worried about was how to react and how to play the game.

President Barack Obama does the same, but Clinton has been caught.

Clinton is campaigning as the greatest friend of Israel since God, Whom she has not yet e-mailed for advice.


Bennett Condemns ‘Attempts to Blacken 430,000 Settlers’

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) on Saturday night posted a long, musing entry about the aftermath of the Friday morning arson case in which a Palestinian baby was burned to death and his family sustained serious injuries. Jewish extremists have been blamed for the crime.

Bennett had been invited to address a rally in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv Saturday night, protesting the stabbing of six men and women at the pro-homosexual parade in Jerusalem, but at the last minute, the rally organizers rescinded the invitation.

Bennett wrote (some of the text has been redacted):

“I spent the whole Shabbat at the bedside of my father, who is very ill, at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. In the hospital there’s no meaning to race, religion, color, sexual orientation, political stance. They’re all human beings.

“Khaled from Umm al-Fahm, who was lying in another bed, and suffers from a similar illness. Geula from Haifa, the wondrous nurse (for 40 years!) who fills us all with hope and joy.

“Nurse Elias from the village of Mi’ilya, with whom I changed dad’s clothes, and we even managed to walk 20 steps with my father last night.

“Julia, the typing nurse.

“They’re all human beings. They were all created in the image of God.

“Each one has a special soul, a family, a desire to live in dignity.

“I kept thinking about the last moments in the life of Ali Saad Dawabsha who burned to death, about his parents who tried to save him from the fire, and about his family members who are fighting for their lives right now.

“And I thought of marchers in the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem that an evildoer stabbed in the back just because of who they are.

“On Friday, the [Saturday night] rally organizers invited me to speak. I readily agreed because I am the Minister of Education of all the children of Israel, and I believe that even if our opinions differ, you should never, ever raise a hand [in violence].

“Immediately [after Shabbat was over], I went to my car, but on the way from Haifa to the rally, organizers announced the cancellation of my participation.

“Different opinions are fine; violence never. Never, under any circumstances.”

Bennett added:

Anyone who wants to find me next to him in the struggle for tolerance and human dignity — I’ll be the first one there.

Those who want to shut my side’s mouths — will find me opposite them. It goes hand in hand — tolerance must always be in both directions.

I will not accept under any circumstances the attempt to blacken the wonderful 430,000 Israelis living in Judea and Samaria, these so-called ‘settlers.’…

In recent years, countless Jews were killed in this country, including babies Adele Bitton and Shalhevet Paz (shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper), and the Fogel family who were slaughtered in their sleep.

Murder is murder is murder.

The difference is simple: our whole country rightfully condemns the murder. This is the meaning of Jewish ethics. On the Palestinian side, the leadership celebrates the murders [of Jews], and turns those killers into heroes.

This is the entire difference.

Gush Etzion Arabs and Jews to Rally against Violence

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Gush Etzion Jews and Arabs will hold a prayer vigil at the Gush Etzion intersection Sunday to pray for the complete and speedy recovery for the three remaining victims of Friday’s arson attack in Samaria and for peace between Arabs and Jews.

Shorashim/Judur, a grass-roots movement of local Israelis and Palestinian Authority Arabs for coexistence in Judea and Samaria, is sponsoring the  prayer vigil.

Rabbi Yaakov Nagen, a teacher at the Otniel yeshiva and one of the organizers of the rally, said the event would be a critical demonstration of unity between Jews and Palestinians at a time when tensions are rising on both sides of the ethnic divide.

Referring to the firebomb attack that set a house on fire and killed an 18-month-old baby, he stated:

This vile attack occurred on the eve of the Sabbath that Jews around the world read the 10 Commandments, including the holy words ‘Thou shalt not murder,’ and less than a week after we read the frightening rebuke of the prophet Isaiah – ‘Your monthly and holiday celebrations have become disgusting to Me… You will spread your hands out in prayer [but] I will hide my eyes from you… your hands are replete with blood.’The first thing the Bible teaches us about humanity is that we are all created in the image of God.

Arab  participants at the 6 p.m. rally will include Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Hawa and Ali Abu Awwad. Several rabbis will attend, including the heads of the Har Etzion Yeshiva and the  Makor Chaim Yeshiva High School.

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