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Israel Drenched in Early Rain, Thunder and Lightning

3 Tishri 5776 – September 15, 2015
This year the rain that usually comes to Israel in its "season" on Sukkot did not wait, and arrived instead on Rosh Hashana.

Weather Forecast Rains Out BBQ for Yom Ha’Atzmaut

30 Nisan 5775 – April 19, 2015
It is going to be a very windy Independence Day. Snow will fall on the upper slopes of the Hermon.

Snow Falls in Jerusalem; Israel Braces for ‘Maximum’ Storm

1 Adar 5775 – February 20, 2015
Israelis are hunkering down as another winter storm brings high winds and snow to the north and central regions; rain and freezing temps in the south.

Heavy Snow on Golan to Spread to the Negev Desert

30 Shevat 5775 – February 19, 2015
"He gives snow like wool; He scatters hoarfrost like ashes." - Psalms 147:16.

Snow on Thursday, Summer on Monday

29 Shevat 5775 – February 18, 2015
Even residents in Kfar Saba and upper Haifa may see snow, which also may fall on Ben Gurion Airport.

Snow to Return to Jerusalem

27 Shevat 5775 – February 15, 2015
The current cold spell is expected to continue this week, weather forecasters said Sunday. There may be snowfall in Jerusalem on Thursday. Sunday evening is...

Several Days of Rain Forecast to Drench Israel

22 Shevat 5775 – February 10, 2015
Rain, rain, don’t go way, we prayed for it and will gladly get wet anyway.

Kinneret up 13 Centimeters

21 Tevet 5775 – January 12, 2015
The Kinneret rose 2 cm yesterday, and 4.5 centimeters in the past 3 days.

Kinneret up 11 Centimeters

20 Tevet 5775 – January 11, 2015
The Kinneret rose 2.5 cm, just in the past 2 days.

US Issues Travel Warning as Snowstorm Nears Israel

13 Tevet 5775 – January 3, 2015
Heavy snow will fall mainly in the north by mid-week, but even lower hills can expect at least a dusting.

Severe Rains In Gaza May Mean Terror Tunnels Are Flooded

6 Kislev 5775 – November 28, 2014
Some of these Gazan tunnels were estimated to have cost $3 million to construct, but will they sustain continued flooding by rain and sewer water?

First Snow Falls on the Hermon

2 Kislev 5775 – November 24, 2014
Sometimes we get what we pray for.

V’ten Tal Umatar Livracha Started Today

7 Heshvan 5775 – October 31, 2014
Starting the 7th of Cheshvan in the Jewish calendar, Jews in Israel will start inserting the formal request for rain in the 9th blessing of the Amidah prayer.

Rain in Jerusalem

25 Tishri 5775 – October 19, 2014
It's raining today in Jerusalem, the first major rain storm of the new year.

Wet and Stormy Winter Ahead

30 Av 5774 – August 26, 2014
Stormy, we were expecting, one way or another, but a lot of rain will be a blessing.

Unexpected Downpour Swells Lake Kinneret, Creates Havoc in Israel

8 Iyyar 5774 – May 8, 2014
The sun peeked out just long enough Thursday for Israelis to see the flooding caused by the “sound and light show” Wednesday night.

Thunderstorms Strike Israel

The Heavens re-opened Wednesday night with winds and a downpour that caused flooding nationwide and has continued into Thursday.

Rain, Rainbows and Israel

11 Adar II 5774 – March 13, 2014
Over the Rainbow and Israel

It’s Raining on my Money

8 Adar II 5774 – March 10, 2014
A Jerusalem woman is trying to hold on to her umbrella while withdrawing some cash at a Meah Shearim ATM, Sunday, March 9, 2014. The...

King of Morocco Asking Local Jews to Pray for Rain

14 Shevat 5774 – January 14, 2014
When a Muslim king asks the Jews to pray for rain you know that the world is not so out of kilter.

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